Hello readers! I hope you all are doing good and living in the moment and not thinking about what happened in the past. I’m back with my next blog. In this blog, I am going to share my sports interest and the achievements I made through sports during my school days. So, sports have been my source of happiness and my utmost joy until now.

It was in high school when I first started being a team member of my school sports team. Roller skating is something that is close to my heart and also a passion but then I left roller skating 3 years ago. I was in my 4th grade when I first went inside the rink to learn it since then roller skating helped me overcome my fears and it built self-confidence in me. After a year of vigorous practice for the district competition, I finally reaped the result which brought immense joy to my dad who cheered me throughout the journey. I was selected for the National roller-skating team and represented my state.

Moving on, when I was in 6th grade I was my school sports captain and was an all-rounder. I secured first place in athletics and long jump. It was in 7th grade when my P.E teacher taught me how to play volleyball. Since my mom was also a volleyball player I acquired this ability quite soon. Volleyball was a sport that taught me that teamwork can bring a drastic change to the present state of a team. It also taught me sportsmanship and to adjust with the other players despite the differences. Our school secured first place in the inter-school volleyball competition. Volleyball taught me if one focuses on what he/she does they will definitely make a way for the success of the same. If not for the hard work of the team we would not have reached this place.

I was also a part of my school kho-kho and throwball team where teamwork made things fall into place. My parents were my greatest support when it came to sports. Being a generation-z kid I could see many girls break the stereotypes and achieve their goals. My parents made me watch the Olympics instead of cartoons. I firmly believe that sports can make one think from a different perspective. I urge every parent I see to encourage their kids to take part in sports. Education is not something that can teach you everything. You have to be the kid who thinks out of the box and be unique in whatever you do. Hope you loved reading this blog. Thank you for your support. Stay tuned for the next blog until then love yourself and spread love and be kind to others.

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