Hello readers! I hope you are still striving to be better in the journey of pretending but then I’m here with a new topic on one of our common syndromes that is “the syndrome of seeing everything in a bigger picture”. I had this syndrome when I was in my early teens so I thought about writing about it and wishing to find more such souls out there who have/had this syndrome.

So yeah, don’t be too afraid because it’s not a syndrome but a common phase we all went through/going through in our daily lives. I was this kid who started seeing every single thing in a bigger picture. You could have seen people say “see the bigger picture”, “think about what you should do now to make your future happier”, “do what everyone’s doing” so that you’ll have a happy life with a better picture. I got stuck in this phase and was wondering about what I should do now to make my future a better place to live in and then I started imagining that even the little mistakes I do will make my future surrounded by storms of life. I had a tough time facing my fears of life and due to this my anxiety grew on a huge phase. If I don’t score good I’d be overthinking about what if I don’t end up in a place where I want to, what if this is the crucial drawback to accomplish my dream, and so on.

As my anxiety level grew I started searching for a person for comfort but none could understand me at that age. That’s when I started reading books. Books helped me so much to overcome my anxiety of seeing everything in a bigger picture. When I came across a book named ‘Secret’ it had every answer to the questions of my life. I realized I stopped living in the moment and started panicking about the future that is not sure the next second. I realized that living in the past and worrying about the future makes no difference instead we should start living in the moment and enjoy what’s happening right now in our life.

There might be so many things to be appreciated in this world instead we are all sitting and worrying about what will happen in the future. No promise of forever can be kept as the next second of your life is not assured. Instead of being grateful for what we have, we all have developed a syndrome of anxiety about the future.

I urge everyone reading this to stop living in the past and the future and start living in the present which brings more joy than you could ever imagine in life. Stop pretending to be okay when you’re not. Stop living for others and start living for yourself and rejoice in the moment of being in the present because there are so many things to be grateful for in this beautiful world.

I hope you liked reading this blog. Hoping to write more as this series makes me realize many things that I have not articulated all these years. Always and forever grateful for everything. Have a nice week and stay tuned for my next blog.

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