The first time of everything is so unforgettable. The first time of when I was on a tour with my school friends, the first time of experiencing a friendship betrayal, the first heartbreak, the first life lesson, and the first crush, and the list goes on endlessly.

In everyone’s life, there are different kinds of experiences one of them is first love. The feeling that we interpret as love when it is infatuation to be put in better words it’s called temporary love. Everyone reading this would have experienced and I’m very sure of it. The first time you feel like all the movie clips coming to life in your own life’s journey but little did you know that you would regret this step and laugh at it years later because I do that too. I still laugh at the things I did years back thinking that it was my true love. Doesn’t matter if it was an obsession over a celebrity or a person you developed feelings for, it was still special isn’t? More than special it has become a funny story that you could laugh at even when you turn 60.

I had this first love aka infatuation when I was in my seventh grade where I had a crush on someone ( I don’t want to disclose the name) and it turned out like the movie clips where you feel butterflies in your tummy whenever you see that person, do what that person likes and initiate a conversation with them and so on. Does it remind you of something? Does it sound like yourself a few years ago? Yeah, every one of us would have come across this situation and a year later we would have regretted why we did something like that because I have seen people regretting what they did in the name of first love and theirs are funny stories that you can laugh at for eternity.

Your love for that person was like the waves of the sea it comes and goes but it never ends as waves are always special. That is why your first love is special even if it is a funny story. Though the ending was sad it made you laugh after years. The silly and cheesy things we did in the name of love were nothing but a dumb attraction due to our hyperactive hormones during our adolescent age. The first love is aching yet it’s dazzling in its own way. The inexperienced and naive you could have done better isn’t it? Remember it’s just a memory to be cherished so live the moment where the butterflies fly and be happy in the present and don’t regret something that’s in the past. Life goes on and let’s live on.

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