Hola readers! I hope you are striving to find the purpose of your life. As you are striving to find it today, I am going to tell you about how I spent my vacations as a generation-z kid. Well, if you think what is so great about vacations, as all the days seem to be the same every-day and what extraordinary thing is she going to write in this blog then, I guess you have missed out the best part of your childhood.

As a generation-z kid you believe it or not we had the most number of days as vacation. We had winter-breaks, summer-breaks, and mid-term examination breaks. So these were the days I had spent most of the memorable eternities of my life. The major part of learning occurred during these days. Taking out time from our tedious days to go on a trip to a new place offers us a much-needed retreat. Holidays with loved ones does wonders in rekindling the lost bond among us. I relish vacations the most because I don’t have to spend time studying. Instead, I can have fun and frolic days that I always desire.

Whenever I hear the word vacation during my childhood days the first thing that comes to my mind is endless traveling and the second thing that comes to my mind is cousins. We all have to concede to the fact that cousins made our lives a better place to live. We ended up having a vast amount of memories in our life’s voyage because of them. There were many aspects of life I learned during vacations when I was a kid. As an elementary school kid, I learned cursive writing and I formulated the habit of reading books during this phase. My cousins played a major role in encouraging me to cultivate the habit of reading. We always stay together during vacations even if it is a holiday for just 1 week we plan and gather at someone’s place and experience immense joy. My very first time going to an amusement park was with my cousins. I learned swimming and even developed my English speaking skills because of my cousins. During vacations, we ate delicious foods together, traveled to many places, and explored new things in life.

As a kid, we believed in ghost stories too and the curiosity strengthens once people with similar wavelengths join with us. As all of my cousins joined together we did some crazy stuff like watching horror movies together and watching documentaries related to that. We even tried breaking into an abandoned house in our native place and ended up getting caught by our parents. As we watched many horror films together we even tried playing the ouija board and ended up spinning stories saying we had an encounter with a ghost. I am damn sure that all the generation z kids would have done this when they were kids. There were no limitations to our mischievousness. We danced, played and learned everything together. More than school friends cousins played a major role during vacations. Sometimes we accompanied each other to summer school and learned how to draw and paint. My love for drawing and painting was discovered when I attended a summer school with my cousins during one of my summer breaks. We went shopping together and the fun-land in malls is the place that is filled with a multitude of memories. We play and win a bunch of tickets and get a huge amount of gifts so eventually, fun-land is a reservoir of happiness and memories for us.

One blog is not sufficient to reflect the amount of happiness vacations gave us as a generation z kid. I am very sure that as a generation z kid you would have also done some ridiculous things like this with your cousins. I guess this blog would have taken you back to the memory lane filled with endless laughter. Share some of your gleeful memories that you have created on your vacations as a generation z kid in the comment section below, I would love to hear more from you. Till then stay tuned and happy reading.


  1. Omg… I wish I could rewind time back to those days.

  2. Vacations are the happiest moments of life😭💓Your blog is awesome 👍🤧

    • Thank you keep supporting!

  3. So true 😅❤️
    Missing those days


  4. Wow❤️

    • THANK YOU!

  5. Lovely! Throwback to those days when me and my cousins had campfire in our terrace. Looking forward for more.

    • THANK YOU!

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