Hello readers! This is your gen-z town girl with her next blog. On the occasion of women’s day, I’d like to share few things about what women’s day is. Women are supposed to be celebrated every day of the year and not just on women’s day.

As a gen-z kid, I have always felt that various people speak about women empowerment but they don’t follow it when it comes to their own lives. Every man in the society wants his wife or his daughter to be dependent on them. Why is it that we can’t make decisions on our own independently while they can? I have always wondered why is it like that. Why is it that “men have to let us do something in our own life?” Why aren’t we playing the role of decision-making in our own lives? I have seen people telling that their husband is a very kind person because he “lets her study even after getting married or he lets her work even after marriage.” I have always had this question-“Why does a man have to let us do things?” The fact that you believe that men letting us do things is women empowerment but you don’t understand that nobody has any authority over your life when it comes to decisions of your own life.

International women’s Day is all about making women realize their worth and giving them the energy to achieve as per their actual potential. A man is said to be the one who has to earn for the family while the woman does the household chores. This concept of viewing men with widened eyes on seeing them do household chores is very stereotypical. It signifies that our society demands people of a specific gender for every kind of work. I have seen women who do household chores for their entire life but the family members never appreciate her for what she does. It’s the little things that encourage women. Things always change with time and I believe and also hope that this stereotypical view changes with future generations.

Over the years we have seen numerous women breaking the stereotypes built by society, one such woman we have come across this year is Zoya Agarwal a young pilot who flew the longest flight from Banglore to San Francisco. We need more women like her for breaking the stereotypes and coming up in the society and proving that there’s nothing a woman can’t do.

Almost the majority of women have come across sexual abuse including me. Not everyone who stays at home is safe at home. It’s always someone close to us who abuses us as they take advantage of us. Why is it always that hard to open up to someone about this issue? Why are we still not overcoming the victim-blaming culture? Whenever a girl speaks up about her trauma of sexual abuse why is she told to close her mouth instead of speaking up against the one who has abused her? It’s the abuser who should feel ashamed over what he has done to you. You owe no loyalty to the person who has abused you. Why does the victim gets questioned all the time? Is it because rapes are said to occur when a woman is wearing clothes that are apparently “slutty” and attract men to them and so men are “innocent” because their families, our society, and the education system has taught us that there’s nothing wrong in men having sexual desires. After all, that’s what women are made for. And so women are convicted of the way they dress because they can’t wear what they want to or else they’ll get assaulted or get abused.

This women’s day I wish we overcome all this together and start giving equality just like men have. You don’t have to look down on us and we are not less than you in any way. We have the power of creation and all we ask is acknowledgment. At the individual level, we should start respecting women and start giving them opportunities that are equal to men. Out of the total population, 50% of the population should consist of women. However, due to female foeticide practices, girl child numbers are decreasing sharply in India. It has also impacted the sex ratio in India. It is high time we start looking down on people because of their gender and start respecting them for what they do and what they deserve. As a generation-z kid, I wish these absurd notions would eradicate and I hope future generations learn how to not to treat women and help them come up with flying colors. I hope you loved reading this blog. Ending this blog by hoping that the society changes and appreciates what women do.

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