The Genz town girl- Elementary school days

Welcome back, readers. I’m back with my next blog. When I sat down to contemplate what to write for “Life as a genZ kid” I was clueless but then one night when I started thinking about the content, I felt that I should share my happy moments, the hardships I encountered, and the moments which shattered me into pieces and how much a girl from a small town had to go through all her twenty years of life.

After I started recollecting my memories I discovered that it was not just me, it was the predicament for nearly the plurality of the generationZ kids. After all, life wasn’t a fairytale that we heard and read about in our childhood.

As an elementary school kid, I didn’t know why I had to go to school. Why I had to study subjects which are way too ahead of my age. The majority of us still don’t know why we are going to school when the actual thing we want to do is to explore the outer world. As an elementary schooler, I was taught to start adapting myself to this ever-evolving world which never forfeits its chance to deter me whenever I met with the stepping stone called failure. I figured out that it was just an adage that was never enforced in our lives because when we confronted downfall all the pessimistic comments made us like a statue that could never let us move to the next step of our life. We began to dream and wanted to reach for the stars, whenever someone asked us about our ambition. Little did we know that only a few of us would be able to accomplish and make the dream come true. We had to go to a tutor at such a small age who didn’t know what our ability was and made us memorize all the lessons as if we were a robot. Dreams changed from time to time according to the circumstances we were urged to live in.

Childhood as a generation Z kid could have been a fairytale for a few and it could have been a catastrophe to a few. There were days where all that you knew was to come back from school, play with friends, watch cartoons, and sleep like a baby all day. The fact that everything changed in a fraction of time and life turned out to be competitive and has become a race after a decade.

There would have been days when you wanted to ask your parents why you were born into this judgmental society and what was your purpose in this life? I know you still wouldn’t have figured out the answer to those questions because I know we are all still striving to find the purpose of our lives. Some of you might not have experienced all of this because you were born with a silver spoon but I’m very sure that at least at one point in your life you would have wanted to know the purpose of your life. This journey is just about a girl and her little big things in life. I hope you all stay tuned and try figuring out what is the purpose of your life in this society. Keep following this blog to know more about the little journey of hers.

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  1. As usual Ashu rocked !!🤟💕

  2. Awesome.. I really adore your narrative style.. Narration is the best tool in writing.. You’re skilled in that 🤩👏🏻 Can’t wait for next blog! 💯

    • Thank you so much!!

  3. It’s actually a situation that’s more like “Why god? Why??? Why me?”

    • True words!

  4. True and beautiful ❤️

    • Thank you!

  5. I can see myself in your blog…. ” A GIRL AND HER LITTLE BIG THINGS/DREAMS”. Was really happy after reading this because I felt each and every word.

    • Thank you means a lot!

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