The GenZ town girl-Journey starts

Hello everyone!! This is a GenZ kid from a small town. Okay, so do you know what is the meaning of GenZ kid? No worries if you don’t know I’m sure you’ll know it at the end of this series. GenZ is called Generation Z and the children born between 1996-2010 are known as GenZ. Likewise, there are other generations too which are known as, Generation X, Boomers, and the Millenials.

As a generation Z kid, there are myriad hardships I encountered while I grew up but I also got the opportunity to explore many aspects of life which the other generation kids didn’t. As this is going to be a series blog I’d like to tell you about my childhood days as a generation Z kid. My childhood was filled with memories that I’d cherish forever. I can proudly say that my generation kids are the people who saw some real good cartoon shows which are now not available and some yummy delicacies which made our childhood even better. As the utmost of the technology right now got inaugurated while we grew up we got to explore the unexplored parts of childhood. Starting from a landline, flip-flop phone, touch screen, desktop to laptop our generation saw the evolution of technology. Like all the other generations, mine has been shaped by the circumstances we were born into, such as terrorism, school shootings, and the great recession. These shady incidents have had profound impacts on the behavioral characteristics of the members of Generation Z, but they have also stimulated us to transform the world. We grew up with entertainments woven into the fabric of our existences and culture.

Though there were numerous positive aspects of my childhood there are few difficulties I faced as a kid and I guess a plurality of other kids would feel the same too. We are the generation who saw both our parents go to work so we eventually started needing parental attention. As a kid who saw both her parents go to work I didn’t get to spend time with them and didn’t get to play with them as the other generation kids did. This aspect is something I’m still suffering from and now I am almost at the end of my teenage but I am still a kid who craves parental affection. Yes, we are a technology-dependent generation but that doesn’t make us any different from us getting the love and attention of our parents.

Technology plays an important role in our life because if we don’t get familiarized with it we would be treated as an outcast in society. We are unlike other generations and are characterized as being the generation that has had access to the internet from a very young age. “Gen Z” also tends to be very comfortable with technology as well as social media. As each generation is born and matures during distinct periods in history it is not startling that we have our basic characterizing features. Therefore it is good to accept how they are and try to connect with us rather than distancing yourself from us after all we are kids too.

I hope you loved reading this blog. Stay tuned for the next blog from this GenZ kid. Until then, Happy reading!!

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  1. No doubt that it was the golden years of our lives.💚

    • True!

  2. As usual Ashu rocked !!💕😍

    • Thank you!

  3. Awesomely expressed all the parts of GenZ kids

    • thank you

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