The Lakshmi I am not !

It is not a religious post but something I believe in, a faith that every girl is a form of Durga, Goddess. My post on Discover Durga within reflects the same. And specifically I grew up listening to stories of each form of Lakshmi – the Ashta Lakshmi (Ashta means eight). Laksh means ‘to understand’ also has a meaning ‘goal / aim’. So, Lakshmi is the Goddess who makes one understand the goal and also enables to attain the same in life. As I comply to the basic definition of Lakshmi, I am able to relate how I am also a form of Ashta Lakshmi in my true self.

  1. Adi Lakshmi : Adi means first. Pioneering. I take steps in my life. I lead initiatives in personal or professional scenario. AdiLakshmi is also said to be embodiment of compassion which I feel I am embracing by meeting new people under different circumstances.
  2. Dhana Lakshmi : Dhanam stands for wealth. Well, it is risky to say I am rich, however I work in a Corporate job which has its share of running the family and living our dream life. In my definition of wealth – I can buy my own food but also I can feed the needy and serve with kindness, which would suffice to be Dhanalakshmi.
  3. Dhanya Lakshmi : Dhanyam stands for food. It is not just buying my food but I can also cook and take care of people around me – so extra layer of compliance on being Dhanya Lakshmi. If being foodie is counted as another topping to this, count that too.
  4. Gaja Lakshmi : Gaja means elephant which symbolises power and magnificence. To be an author, dancer, blogger, influencer, speaker – I use the power of words to channelize towards right things which makes me magnificent.
  5. Santana Lakshmi : Santanam stands for children. Mother of two children, also my love of kids around – I am definitely Santana Lakshmi with the way my soul gets nourished with Santanam around.
  6. Veera Lakshmi : Veera means courage. In other words, ‘she got balls’ they say. I never hesitate to voice out my thoughts or I never think of avoiding a conflict to pacify the issue.
  7. Vidya Lakshmi : Vidya stands for mental health and stability , resilience. Tell me about it : overcoming every challenge in my life, I am built of resilience and will power. You could name the Lakshmi in my name maybe.
  8. Vijaya Lakshmi : Vijaya means victory / success. I consider myself a successful working mother who can also influence positively to support fellow girls / women to build their own empire.

There are also more Lakshmi’s like Soundarya Lakshmi – Soundaryam stands for beauty – well, the mirror likes me and after 5 stitches, 3 surgeries, many challenges I don’t miss smiling any day which makes me beautiful.

Maha Lakshmi : Maha means great. Saraswathi is the Goddess of Education.

I have heard stories of soorasamharam / Kaali where the Goddess becomes epitome of rage – I can relate buddy. Also the moments of Kindness and perseverance in motherhood with Mary ( I studied in a convent school so Durga is across religions). With 100 priorities in pipeline, I can throw away all of them just if my children need me.

Now what form of Lakshmi that I missed being is Adjust Lakshmi. Because after acquiring all the 8 forms of Lakshmi very successfully, still going strong + the additional Lakshmi across religions, yet all I hear is you have to adjust because you are a woman. In the stereotyped world we live, at work, you need to understand xyz. In a conservative family like this, you need to adjust of course being the daughter in law, sister in law, girl, wife – every reason just pointing to the gender with no logical reasoning.

A lady has to take steps, earn money, cook well, be strong, give birth to children, deal with will power, possess good mental health (beyond the hormones playing with her cycles), be successful, be pretty, has to be great in whatever she does, being kind in general and right amount of anger to handle the situation – Durga understood it cannot be in one form so there came many forms of Goddess. But, we – today’s modern women who try to embrace culture, traditional, family, love, work, success etc end of the day miss one form of Lakshmi – Adjust Lakshmi because on top of all this – we are expected to adjust to the world of bias because ? Give me a reason that is sensible to you first.

So, this phase of my life – I decided to accept I cannot be one form of Lakshmi and I don’t want to be – which is ADJUST Ma.. ( they say this with love hence Ma… and three dots… ) Sorry Lakshmi app is not upgraded to the expected version and if it is not compatible with your device, the problem is in your device.

It is not easy when I try to be (many of us try to be) but end of the day we become non compliant. Most importantly, I see my daughter playing innocently, trying her best at school, with friends, at home – aiming to be doctor one day, artist another day, dancer third day, princess next day, farmer many days. She can be whatever she wants, but I don’t want her to end up with the deficiency or incapability of ‘adjust doctor / adjust artist / adjust dancer / adjust princess / adjust farmer’ because… !

Thanks to you for reading 🙂 Thanks to me for not adjusting 🙂

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  1. Just loved it. You spoke many of our hearts and captured many more than that 😘

  2. Awesome !!!

  3. What a great explanation really super all should analyse this in their life at least onetime

  4. Well knitted ..
    Nicely articulated
    Your usual Narmada style …Kudos

  5. Very nicely articulated. The interesting part is that even now women are in different “time zones” and adjustment plays out differently in different culture’s, geographies …

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