The lost signal / Infactuation

Ashwini’s Gen z kid series is the most awaited part of my Saturdays.. She writes on topics which are so catchy, I either relate to it as a town girl or as a mother of a Gen z kid. Today’s article was different, it was avout infactuation ! wow, tell me one human in this world who hasnt experienced the beautiful butterflies of infactuation. So this made me recall my infactuation ( one of the manyies haha ) . I would certainly title this as ” The lost signal “

Hey, did you expect a twist that I met him later and he is Mr Kamalakannan, lol if so, you have watched too many romcoms. It happens only in movies bro! And No we never met after those 300 seconds in life. But its always special about the person who made you feel pretty for the first time and even after 3 decades , I remember his face ( he must be bald and old now hahaa ) Thanks to Ashwini for bringing back the memories and the movie Maara was also nice because it somewhere touches the “lost signal” of love and how special it is !

So what is the best memory of your Infactuation that pops up in this conversation ! Isn’t such a feel good memory …

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