The mother and daughter in me

ufff ! Why do u always over feed me mom ? If I ask u for one glass of milk, you give the glass full such that for next 2 days I hate milk !! Y can’t u just stop overdoing things ?” – this is a daily complaint I throw at my mom even now
I am a mother of a 5 year old.. When I make milk for him or pack food, I do keep it fulllllll, for a second I will think ” will he also shout at me same way.. Once he is grown up “! So what ? Let him shout , as of now I am a happy mom if he drinks this full glass and gets energy ūüôā¬†IMG_0962
The daughter in me and mother in me are contradictory ! In both cases it’s mother’s love ¬†that wins ūüôā
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Author: Narmadha Kamal

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