The pregnant me & my car !

They say pregnant women have mood swings ! Is that so ? Maybe , maybe not ! I sometimes felt like crying for no reason, I sometimes got angry on my spouse when he talks, well – many times when he didnt talk properly. I craved for some dish, went to a restaurant and ended up buying something else after seeing the next table guy eating. Were these part of mood swing ? Uff ! Whatever ! I was still a human, and I felt embarrassed to all share my strange silly emotions to another human each time , however nicest closest the person was ! So, with whom did I share my emotional changes during pregnancy ? What soothed me ? What drove me crazy ? What made me feel better anytime inspite of any mood ? My CAR !
Yes, I have a special bonding with my car. I drove it with that little yet big belly of mine. The #impact I had is just too cool , I drove the car crazy and my car drove me crazy back changing my mood from being an “aunty-to-be” with less personal “to-do” list transforming me into a #peppy yoyo lady enjoying my drive. Ah ! Its a magic ! I loved listening to Jennifer Lopez, Eminem and madness to feel fresh with Britney Spears forever.
In the indulgence of such a lovely feeling, I might have lost track of where I go, but my car’s #navigation took best care of my safety. The bond between me and my car still continues. It made me feel young when I feel outdated. It made me feel motherhood when my seatbelt clutched on my baby inside the belly. It never gave me that “crazy mood swing mommy” look. My companion, my shoulder , my partner to share my emotions.
I will share a a joke out of my personal experience. I was driving, stopped at the signal, the next car Romeo gave me the bird watching looks, signal moved on, I drove on. He was beside my car.  I entered my office’ car parking. Oh yes, he wore a similar id card, he also came near my car’s parking. Then I got down like a Mommy Santa and his Romeo looks changed to “Oh, uhh.. lady.. oh well.. mommy” and brought the gentleman inside him to give that simple smile and walked away fast. I couldn’t stop laughing. I felt like telling him “April fool” 🙂
Once , when I sort of had a doubtful confidence about driving, my boss told me “all you have to do is trust your driving and connect with your car, rest your car will take care once the bond is established. Never give up !” And yes, thats a turning point of motivation for me to constantly love driving.
Now my baby is 3 months old. It was the same car that took me with comfort to hospital during my delivery pain. It was the same car that my baby took her first ride back home. Just like me, my little one also loves fun rides in my car and our bonding continues… And I feel #Fantastico  ! What an #impact, feeling of #peppy , proper #navigation with ever soothing #music. Only your car will offer you this right combination !!!
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