The real modern woman : IDMF Series

After a long gap, I am penning down an article on IDMF – I Define My Fashion series.
I love sarees, I do love modern dress. At any cost, I prefer my bindi and jasmine / rose flowers on a pleated hair is my favourite. But the so called “Bangalored life” made me get short hair cut, sometimes, my western costumes demand no bindi. If by any chance I go to Indra Nagar / MG Road in my Indian attire, the kind of looks I get from the girls and guys hanging out there will be pathetic.
Western costume is not wrong. While you love it / while you are comfortable, that is super cool. But, I know a lot of people, who push themselves to be MODERN ! With that thought, I was standing in the second floor of Forum Value mall, looking at the artificial hair straightened , mini skirts with layers of lipstick. Trying to eat a chicken wing with knife and fork. Her little toddler threw a tantrum, the kid was running out to escalator and the lady had to run asap and hold the child, lift her. Her tight dress was not allowing her to run , not to lift the baby. I was seeing how much that modern mommy was struggling with that costume & the kid.
Casually my eyes turned to the centre area in ground floor. A red chudidhar wearing lady, almost around the same age, wow her long pleated hair , that fresh jasmine flower. She was having an elegant handbag , she took the towel to wipe the baby’s sweat. Her baby was running and playing fun there and end of each run she will hold her mummy’s legs and she lifted the child , gave that pleasant smile , kissed and placed the kid down, as the little one started the next run of laughter and fun.

Seeing these two incidents my mind was wondering, who is a real modern woman ? Someone, who is trying to bring a culture from a foreign land, in the name of style / reputation / higher standard of living ? Or someone who is able to strongly pursue her interests and comfort inspite of a contrasting crowd around.
Who is a modern woman ? Someone who hates coconut oil on hair as it gives a village look. So applies hair gel , creates hair falls and takes hair spa to treat it . Or someone who knows what is right for her hair and doesn’t mind the coconut oil care and look ?
This small observation that day left me back with deep thoughts of how we get spoiled in the name of “modern”. We get fantasied by it and sometimes we try to compromise our identity & comfort zone too.
Whats your opinion on the real modern woman ?

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