The Traveller life

Clock ticks 6 am and am not sure about the Sun but the alarm keeps throwing a bad noise into our ears. We wake up, after 3 snoozes. Every 15 minutes there is an alarm for brushing, milk, bathing, breakfast, school bus, deadline etc.. No, it’s not a very tensed morning but a time- scheduled morning. Some days the little body wants more sleep but the school bus doesn’t understand. Some days the tiny tummy is not ready for breakfast but the clock doesn’t allow the space. After the kids are out to school, the kitchen, bathroom, dressing room, packing bags, sweating, ‘oh don’t forget the ID card’ … We both run to work, mails, meetings, few days of “had lunch?” texts and many days of “buy milk packets” , “did u check the mail from school” texts.
Weekends are supposed to give a break. Yes the break from school routine but the pending things of five days get accumulated into 2 days, and also add-ons like extra sleep, washing, shopping, movies are included.
I shout most of the times at home, to get the schedule on and to get the flow going. To ensure my family doesn’t miss what’s in slot. He shouts back sometimes. Kids get cranky sometimes when they get choked of the discipline…Β  Yet life is beautiful and that’s because we are there for each other. We all try to keep up the ‘perfect family’ frame.
This trip, a beach trip to couple of places – a 9 year old’s ‘wow’ moments about a foreign nation, a 3 year old not realizing what’s wrong with these abnormal parents to be so crazy suddenly, enjoying always. I become my own fashion stylist and he is at his best self, no officer mode.

Forget all the tension behind, and sit on the beach shore, wonder where the water starts from and where it flows and how it merges… Wonder about the beautiful sea life, the under world, the fishes and aquatic nature.. Wonder about how nature’s beauty tops every man-made beautiful things in this world. Those tiny white waves inside the beach.. Oh long there.. Far away I see… Are they swirls, or dolphins or normal fishes or just some tide? Keep asking.. Few questions in life are supposed to be asked and wondered.. But it’s best not finding answer. So keep wondering and keep asking, that’s the kick of it.

As I woke up around 8 am and stepped into the beach water, I thought of bringing my headphones along.. Wait, no, not required. The birds chirping and the music of the waves.. Which song can make me feel better than what’s happening around?
How can the sand colors make a great impact on the beach color? How are the mountains placed like a painting? Oh the 2 little flying birds, are they just here to hypnotize me to become a mermaid and make me stay forever?


As I walked back to the beach-side shop, I noticed a white man busily engrossed in making a bracelet /anklet with few colors and beads. I wanted to visit the shop, but he was so involved that he looked like he was meditating. He was focusing on the white and orange and yellow threads he was twisting with. Finally wow! there came a beautiful shell based product. I went then. Told him it was beautiful to watch him make this. And I bought it. He said he is from Philippines and he loves this beach life and his passion for art. It is like meditation for him (see I felt it)Β  he works as a manager for a company back there and he comes for 4 months vacation to a beach destination, manages to keep up his passion to make these hippie jewelries and enjoys the chilled out life. He says he finds meaning for the 8 months of life by the way he spends these 4 months travelling.

I must say I was quite impressed and influenced. For a moment I lied on the sand.. My hair to toe drenched in sand, a little wet but totally painted with sand, I closed my eyes and breathed in and breathed out.. and as I opened my eyes, to my right was my son collecting sea shells and my daughter covering her legs with sand and playing peek-a-boo. Are they the kids who wants gadgets for time pass and wants expensive toys to play? No, they never wanted those, we offered them gadgets and branded toys and tied them in a circle of addiction. But then, when they learnt to blend with nature, a shell, little sand, some dry leaves are great toys to play, engage and even learn.

The other side I saw my man, very relaxed, enjoying the sunset. He was looking at it with such an aaw that he is watching a sunset for the first time. But I must say, watching sunset in a traffic city amongst polluted cars is much different than watching the sun hide behind the mountains and under the water. Is he the one who worries about our mutual funds and his next day presentations and kids homework project? He looked so relaxed and I wish he was like this always, stress free.

10 days of such beautiful life, and this is not the first time. This made me realize something. I was not the lady who was worried about the maid’s health and corners cleaned at home, I was not the mom who was screaming at my kids to be disciplined and not to mess things up, I was not worried about my work, my load, family Troubles, society, savings, future, not even cautious on the costumes.. Because this was close to nature. I did not have to keep up “I don’t care” attitude because honestly, no one cares.
I also thought about many known friends and family who never have experienced this life. My dad always said, what’s the point of earning if u don’t learn to enjoy? Enjoy is a very fancy word for this. “live life” the way nature gave it to us is the right phrase. But my dad is correct, what’s the point of running behind alarms and meetings and ptms if we don’t teach kids and ourselves what real life is.
So, the traveler life is not just about spending money on a vacation and visiting places, it’s introspection, reflecting on indepth meaning of. Life, to some, it’s also about finding the purpose, shatter all trauma in routine and a great wonder to ponder.
Travel the world, stay happy, enjoy!Β 

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  1. Very nice…I too like to go and enjoy forgetting city life..I wish to be happy family everπŸ’

    • Yeah, that’s awesome Kavita πŸ™‚

  2. Wow!! A superb write up i hv read today!!

    • Thank you Keerthi πŸ™‚

  3. Excellent write-up Narmada.

    Felt relaxed after reading this blog. For sometime I felt I am at the beach. I should admit that I read it while I was infront of my pc at work. However pretty convinced with the fact that these trips rejuvenate and recharge us.

    • πŸ™‚ thank you Vineet.. When are you packing your bags πŸ™‚

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