Togetherness or Individuality!!

Being in a long-term relationship or marriage is like a milestone. How did our ancestors live together for 80, 90, maybe 100 years? How did that happen to them when we are struggling after 15 or 20 years?

Every couple will have a different view and perspective. Little by little, we become acquainted with the thoughts and interests of our partners. Before that, I urge you to understand your own strengths, your weaknesses, your interests, your repugnances. No one in the world has zero problems in his or her life and in the same way that not everyone can be that perfect.

My marriage life started 4 years ago, maybe we have not been together for 80 years, but I can guarantee that we have a better understanding. Though my spouse is unable to spend much time with family because of his profession, he contributes 100% whenever he could. How can we bring such understanding?

The key to a strong relationship is trust between two people. Some of the major factors that bring the difference of opinions in relationships are different dreams about lifestyle, professionals may have a lack of time, Lack of understanding, No freedom in sharing thoughts, Suggestions are never heard, last but not the least household chores. These are very common issues that can be dealt with simply by sitting together, having discussions, and having plans. 

So what we do when we get into such kind of circumstances is both of us will give time to get settle down first and then we sit together for a conclusion. We never took a chance to judge who is wrong and who is right. There are situations that either one of us may even shout at another. But later we realize and ask for apologies. I quit my job post maternity, but the passion to do something or standardizing the career has been there always with me. 

Hence, started working as a freelancer vigorously, at times I happened to be working all day, it is like household chores, pampering my son, and work. But my husband never uttered a word or there was no such discussion only arose in between us. Though my pay is like a peanut compared to his, he helped me, motivated me, supported me. Instead of calling him a husband, I would rather call him the best companion.

So I suggest, that if our thoughts are not heard in a way that can be heard, it does not mean that we have to get into the discussion. It is enough to share the possibilities of outcomes so that suggestions can be considered. If this is not yet envisaged, ask about the consequences. The main thing is whether it is acceptable, please admit and agree. There’s nothing wrong in going along with it. 

There is no obligation to compromise or make compromises all the time, but whenever necessary, a compromise will bring more happiness and peace between a couple. Sacrificing, compromising, adjusting, adapting are the main things we must comply with. But that doesn’t mean we lose our individuality, this whole thing is for our family and no one else. Being together with understanding will certainly drive both individuals to succeed as it happened to me!!!!!

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