Simple Seven tips : Women and Eve teasing 

Women and eve-teasing !Any lady would immediately recollect one of her past experience when seeing this title ! Yes, Inspite of being the prettiest or clumsiest, or intelligent or sober or sexy or tom boyish or talkative or homely, every woman on this earth have faced harassment in any form,
Might be school / college / bus / road / grocery shop / office / any other place too..
There is no use of analysing why ? It is equal to thinking why Terrorism exists? For the bad guys around, for some it is fun, for some it is lust, for others it might be bad family background , what ever ! “How do we face it” is the content of this blog !
We are in a very technology blossoming generation..… but these harassment incidents has been there across centuries. Unfortunately women body is structured and made with glamour and attraction, inspite of how much additional talents she has. So, how we do avoid eve teasing? First of all, can we avoid? My answer is NO ! Rather, we should learn to face it ! Yes, minimum 20 men throw bad looks on a lady a day on average. So, are we going to sit inside avoiding or will dressing up traditional help ? Here are few tips to make you emotionally stronger
1. Develop an attitude, accept the fact that “you can’t avoid men looking / making fun of you” but be determined that is not going to push you back from being independent and lively human being.
2. Bring out the dirtiest look you can give as return gift , not a starring / fighting look (that will invite trouble for you) rather look at him as if you see a nasty stuff on road, then walk off, if their looks can disturb you, your return looks will disturb in return for sure.
3. Leave the place. But with a “Queen “face, not showing your tension or sadness. This is not just to make the culprit feel bad, but for you to feel better. Think again and again that you are an angel and a queen.
4. When it is a crowded public place, when the trouble is beyond limits, do not hesitate to shout / scold the culprit. For this, you need to practice in your imagination. Develop yourself strong. For the first time, I did not get the guts. But, as I grew emotionally stronger, I don’t mind being vocal.
5. The above 4 mostly applies for unknown men, but at office or working place, BE YOURSELF, and the minute you come to know that someone is throwing a wrong look on you, Silence is the best response. Be very professional at work but make sure, you do not give any hi hello other than office stuffs
6. Never change your friend’s circle or extrovert behaviour because of the instances / disturbances. It puts you down, gives a failure feel. Be you are !
7. Dressing sense – In this century, I frankly do not believe that completely covered lady will be a one stop solution, however I still believe that exposing beyond limits invite trouble, depends on situation and people around. Walking in a bikini inside a crowded market expecting no one to stare at you is not women empowerment. So, along with attitude, develop the maturity of right dressing sense according to situation. No wrong in wearing short western clothes as long as the culture around is welcoming and people around are sensible. It’s up to your personal comfort zone along with society culture._57820591_dressyes_afp
Note : If you are a husband / boyfriend reading this, DO NOT STOP your wife from going to the market / from going to office or alone anywhere. Tell her to be strong! Tell her that she is special and beautiful.
What is important is to teach your daughter to be both matured and confident on these aspects and to teach your son how to enjoy his teenage and youth, yet maintaining discipline and not disturbing other gender!

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  1. Dressing sense is an individual decision, be it women or man no one has a say on what to wear when to wear it. I think one should be strong enough to ignore comments. Be it work or outside I think whoever harrasses should receive the so called deserved limelight.

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