Women’s day special “love to cook, love to conquer”

Globally women’s day is celebrated on the 8th March, and on this auspicious occasion, many inspiring women around the world are being honored for their achievements. What could be a better day than today to celebrate some of the passionate women food bloggers who are taking the blogging world to paradise? Food blogs are nothing but new style cookbooks where the bloggers share different recipes. Some of the food bloggers are simple home-cooked chefs who are ardent about sharing their creative dishes, while some of them are professional chefs who share their best and authentic recipes. What’s your opinion about food blogging?

If you think food blogging is an easy thing then you are wrong. Food blogging is not just about sharing recipes, you need to be more creative, the photos you share also need to be a visual treat for your viewers. So it’s not an easy task. 

If you are a great foodie who wants to try your hands-on cooking but don’t know where to start then there are many food bloggers whom you can follow where they share many recipes from simple to complex. So on this special day, the team of “tigressandbutterfly” brings you the 3 most famous women food bloggers in India who have stood on top for their lip-smacking recipes.

Yummy tummy Aarthi:

Aarthi Satheesh is popularly known as “Yummy tummy Aarthi”,  a well-known name in every Tamil household. She is a famous food blogger, recipe creator, food photographer, and Youtuber. A Thought of sharing recipes with family and friends made her start this website https://www.yummytummyaarthi.com/  9 years back. Her passion for cooking made her quit the job and follow her dreams. As years passed yummy tummy has received a lot of appreciation from many growing its popularity in getting 3 million views every month. She has a million followers on Facebook and 100k followers on Instagram. She also started a youtube channel a couple of years back with the name “Yummy Tummy Aarthi vlogs” which has 315k subscribers.

Swathi’s recipes:

Swathi’s recipes with a domain name of “https://www.indianhealthyrecipes.com/” is also a famous Indian blog which was run by Swathi shreekanth from Singapore. She started her blogging journey in 2012 sharing some simple baby food and kids recipes. In her blog’s she shares simple healthy Indian veg and non-veg dishes where a newbie also can give a try on. Over the period her small tiny space of Swathi’s recipes has expanded to the larger community with 1.6 million followers on Facebook. She also has a youtube channel with the name Swathi’s recipes.

Amma chethi vanta:

Here is one more famous Vlogger from Andhra. I guess people from Andhra don’t need a special introduction about her. Yes, she is “Amma chethi vanta’s” Bhargavi. She started her youtube channel “https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP2JIsLWvpPoS82e49YAAlw” in the year 2017,  where she shares some simple and traditional recipes from Andhra cuisine. All her videos are in Telugu with English subtitles. Her recipes resemble the name “Amma chethi vanta”. It was her Mom who suggested her to start a youtube channel. In the beginning, as a newbie, it wasn’t an easy thing for her to share videos. Every single video is new learning for her. She fought all odds and stood as a famous Youtuber with around 1.62  million subscribers. 

So on this women’s day, let’s congratulate the beautiful women for their passion and love for cooking, which made them as a shining star. We wish you all great success. The Team of Tigressandbutterfly wishes a very happy women’s day to all the lovely ladies reading this blog.

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