Women’s Day Vs Normal Days for Women

Women’s Day which is celebrated every year to show care for women around the world. Women are the most important person in every stage of a person’s life. Sadly I have come across numerous women, who are made to suffer by the same society who celebrate women on women’s day.

My heart weeps for the people who do not get happy and satisfied if they are blessed with a girl child and they feel that their family is incomplete if there are only daughters. Then there is another set of people who do not want to make their daughters study more as they have to give dowry for their marriage. There are some who think them as a burden rather than as a blessing. Our society is not the safest place for gals/women to move around and live their life independently. Women are judged based on their attire, if a gal wears shorts or crop tops then they think that she is provoking men but what about men? Why are men not questioned when they wear shorts?Why is it that married women has to wear saree and has to carry a dupatta and why is it not the same for men ? Why can’t men wear kurta or pyjama to give a tag that they are married.

We are growing in every aspect but when it comes to women,narrow mindedness steps in. We have to change our mindset for a better India. If the above stated things decreases then we can say that we give respect to women and love them. Lets not try to make them happy for one or 2 days in a year but let’s try to make them happy every day and see the change in our society.

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  1. So true and aptly put Swathi…till the mindset of the society changes the true spirit of women’s day cannot be celebrated….Awesome article…

    • Thank u so much Ramya…

  2. Beautifully crafted every women’s thinking in words..loved this article.

    • Thank u Rangoli…idea was to pen down the real picture of women

  3. Well written Swati.. truely described… Keep doing good work..

    • Thank u so much Supriya…ur words motivates me more to write more..:)

  4. Very well written, Swati…. congratulations

    • Thank u Annu…

  5. Very well written bhabhi…i think it should be passed to everyone so that not everyone but atleast few of them can try to understand n change their mindset…

    • Yea dee that’s what the agenda is…let’s see how much we can bring change in the mindset of our society

  6. Well written ! We as a parent has to do a better job in educating our boy kids how to treat girls and make our society for girls/women fear free.

    • Thank u VJ..:)

  7. Very well crafted Swati, keep up the good work.

    • Thank u Anshul

  8. So damn true..good job dear..connects so well with the present scenario of our society..

    • yea even I feel just waiting for changes to happen in women life

  9. Well done Swati!!
    Keep it up.

    • Thank u Ritu

  10. Super true ❤️ loved it

    • Thank u Ragini..

  11. Awesome article Swati! We become super women taking care of everyone in family which is rarely recognized and I think the day when people start to recognize and respect women is the real Women’s day!

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