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Have you heard about the children’s blogging academy called YBR? YBR mentions youngbloggersrule. This is a very fun group filled with the blogs written by the children of this academy. This academy started from 2017. So far around, 50 kids have commenced their blogging journey and reached several milestones. I joined this academy in June, 2018. From the time I have been in this academy, I have had good, challenging, adventurous, exciting and curious experiences. My blogging teacher has taught me so much, that I can now call myself as a mature blogger and am very proud of this fact. There are many other students in the batch with me. Some of them are going hand in hand with me while the rest are putting their efforts to reach to our level. Inspired by me, even my younger sister has joined this academy and is enjoying it thoroughly. Join the Facebook page to get more details and read all of our blogs that amaze you :

Interview. This word can tell so much. Everytime you do an interview with anyone, it is so different. They all have different answers and opinions. In this blog, I am excited to write about a very talented and a cute girl whom I have interviewed. This very talented girl is Shrishti. Shrishti is 6 years old and stays in Bangalore. I met her through my blogging teacher, Narmadha mam. One evening, mam asked me if I was ready to do an interview with someone. I was very excited and replied a yesss immediately. She then sent me the contact of Shrishti’s mother. I had knowledge about interviews and all as I had done many, but I had never taken an interview of a person who I didn’t know. So, I asked mam about how to do it and other discussions on the topic. The next week I had a word with Shrishti’s mom and got to know about Shrishti. After I got to know her, I made the questionnaire. Then it had to go through corrections and then at last I had an interview with Shrishti. So, this is how I met this talented girl. I am sure that you are very keen to know more about her. So, let’s go!

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Shrishti, when I first got to know about her, I was astonished to know that this small 6 year old girl has so many talents. Her cube solving skills are so good. She can solve many different cubes. She has also developed the talent of chanting shlokas at this age. She has also practiced to solve cubes while chanting shlokas and has achieved this target. Once when she was watching an English movie with her parents on the television, her father asked her to read the sub-titles and they were shocked to know that she could read it perfectly. This was around 2 years back. Her parents then encouraged her to learn more spellings and read more books. She is now a champ in spell-bee. And one more amazing fact about her is that she can spell the longest word in the English dictionary and also the longest term in Psychology! Lately she has also developed interest in many other talents. So, this is about this multi talented girl Shrishti.

I am sure that you must be excited to watch the interview. So here you go!! This is the link for the video. Please like, share and comment :

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  1. Great interview Mishah. Really inspiring girl Shrishti…. May all your dreams come true.

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