"A handy guide for anyone rejoining work" says Mr Raghavaiah in his book review : GET READY LADY

I read your Book “Get Ready Lady” – Joining after a Break.
After commencing reading, i found it so interesting, I completed the whole book at a stretch.
It is a simple, practical, and inspirational Book.
It is thought provoking, with lots of helpful ideas for action. It is a “how to go about” book with full of ease and clarity.
I thought of rating which chapter is better, but i found all of them outstanding.
Even though, the book is meant for those who wish to join work after a break, i feel the ideas, the frameworks, the suggestions, the to-do-lists, can be used in general by any one.
While the author wishes to be on the Big Stage (metaphorically), I wish she herself becomes the Big Stage for several people with hidden potential to discover themselves and get applause.
The Little Book with Big Value. I wish the author and publishers all the best.
kind regards
formerly General Manager-Corporate Human Resources, ITC Limited Kolkata,
Hon. Chairman, National School of Business, Bangalore.
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