A Mother’s Bond to cooking

Hi, I’m Geethanjali, and welcome to the world of cooking and the bond that I share with it. Like many, cooking isn’t an easy thing for me in the beginning. It was just like a roller-coaster ride. I used to try different recipes. Some turned out to be super Yummy, and some tasted awful. But, my love for cooking and never give up attitude made me a better cook now. 

Being hailed from a small town near Guntur, I grew up in a joint family where each one of us has different tastes and flavors we like. So I enjoyed different tastes of food prepared by my grandma’s. Is there anyone who doesn’t cherish their food? Those were the most happiest days. But later, my struggles started when I moved to a hostel for my higher education. I truly missed home-cooked food. It is always special when I come home from the hostel. Although I wanted to try cooking, my family never gave me a chance to enter the kitchen. 

In the initial days of my marriage, I don’t know anything about cooking. The only dish that I could prepare at that time was “Egg bhurji”. There’s never a day passed without thinking “what should I cook for today and how ?”. I and my husband are quite contrary in terms of food preferences. He’s an Eggetarian and I’m a non-vegetarian. He enjoys eating green’s every day, But I don’t. Sometimes I wonder if there is a common dish that brings us together to the same table. Whatever I try new, turns out to be a disaster. But thanks to my husband who constantly encouraged me. Later with a few tips and tricks from my grandma’s, I improved a lot in my cooking spree, later I never looked back.

I took cooking even more seriously when my little one came into my life. My daughter is a very fussy eater. I used to sit for hours feeding her, but she barely eats anything. To make her eat I tried different recipes that looked more colorful. I used to prepare one variety of rice per day. It worked often. As a mother, It is an inexplicable feeling when your baby enjoys and finishes eating the food. It encourages you to try even more and I am glad that not only my daughter but my family & friends also enjoy the food prepared by me😊.  

If I look back at my journey of cooking, A few years ago, I was a novice to kitchen and cooking. But now, the kitchen is the place I love and I spend most of my time there. I became more confident and Cooking is no more a stressful task for me. I learned different recipes from different sources. I love experimenting with food. Thanks to my little girl for whom I started even baking and thanks to my better half for whom I began learning a lot of new veg recipes(Specially leafy vegetables).

Many of you might have a similar story to mine. If you are one among them let me know in the comments and stay connected for more different posts from me.

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  1. All the best Geethanjali

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