Feeling bored and stuck with your daily routine! Does planning an exciting trip makes you crazier!! Arunachal Pradesh fetches you with the best relaxation. This Orchid State of India attracts tourists with th e alluring beauty of Himalayas.

Arunachal is bordered with Bhutan, China, and Myanmar which brings them a huge pack of varied tourists. The tourism of Arunachal Pradesh mainly concentrates on exploring the beauty of Himalayan ranges indulging the trivial five river valleys and thundering forest waterfalls. Arunachal Pradesh not only best suits for adventurers but also for the spiritual theists. The Golden pagodas excite the visitors with the carvings and artworks.

Here is a brief review of things to do in Arunachal Pradesh…How to reach Arunachal Pradesh and what is the best time to visit it. Arunachal Pradesh opens you to the box of magical experiences that are unique only to this state. Here is the list of top amazing things that we need you to not miss.

● Namdapha National Park :

This national park is famous for the ‘Red Panda’ populations. The Red Panda is the only surviving species of the genus Ailurus, which is a type of bear family. This sanctuary holds the largest protected area in the eastern Himalayas and ranks as the third-largest national park in India. It’s better to hire a local guide from Debian and begin your search for exotic red pandas.

How to reach :

The nearest airport is Dibrugarh Assam. It takes six hours from Assam to reach Namdapha. it’s better to reach Assam by plane.

● Talle Valley:

Arunachal Pradesh best suits for the adventurers, as we mentioned before. The Talle Valley is famous for its trekking providing the home for the ancient tribal culture of the Apatanis people.

This trekking stands out to be memorable with picturesque grasslands and unending forest streams. This entire trekking ends up with a covering of Pangey Valley, Talley Valley, and Ziro valley. The entering or hunting in the forest areas is strictly prohibited.

How to reach:

The nearest aerodrome is in Guwahati. From here take a train to Naharlagun (15617 – GHY NHLN I C EXP –Depart 21.20 pm – Arrive 5.00 am). then take an inner line permit from Naharlagun To reach Ziro (100km from Naharlagun), where the trek begins, take a taxi.

●Malinithan temple:

This ancient temple of Malinithan which belongs to the period of 550 CE is discovered at the beginning of the 20th century. It was built during the Aryan empire at the northern bank of the

Brahmaputra river. Goddess Durga is the chief deity of this temple. The local people believe that Lord Krishna has taken away the Bhismakas daughter, Rukmini on the eve of her marriage with the is believed that he is given a refugee at this site by Goddess Parvathi. She welcomed the beautiful pair with garlands made with flowers all around the valley thus, she is named after ‘Malini’ after whom the temple Malinithan is named.

The temple is a huge pilgrimage for Krishna worshippers around can be gloomed with the beauty of nature in the November months.

How to reach :

The nearest airport is in Lilabari. From either Itanagar or Guwahati, take bus or car to Akashiganga from where Manilithan is just 12km roadway.

● The Ziro music festival is the most popular attraction among all others, it is famous for its no-repeat Music Bands with its classy music.

You can test your rafting skills in the white water of the kameng river, to enhance your adventuring skills. Visit over the largest monastery The Tawang Monastery, which is known as Galden Namgey Lhatse which means “Celestial Paradise in a Clear light”.

Arunachal Pradesh is a land of wonders, you need to explore. Plan your weekend with the Exotic species of the Arunachal Pradesh.

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