Awaiting the lucky draw

Most of us may have come across flex boards screaming”scratch and win offer”,”Lucky draw contest” etc. with eye-catching images of the prizes

Being a person who always kept away from such glitzy ads,I could never ever imagine myself falling prey to such temptations.But,fate had it the other way;it all did happen in a day’s time!

Amidst a bustling bunch of crowd I was doing the rounds of a prominent super market.Before I could manage to make some purchase,I was approached by a sales boy asking my name and phone number.I gave my details with no hopes pinned on winning the draw.(I had convinced myself that nothing of that sort would happen as I had several experiences of patiently filling coupons in the past and ending up with nothing in hand).

To my surprise,the very next day a call came in informing that I have been selected.The mere joy of hearing the words ‘you’ve been selected’ awakened a sense of curiosity and excitement in me. The person at the other end informed that the gift that awaited me was a Goa trip package worth Rs.45,000.The details were yet to be shared.

Without giving any way to second thoughts, I set out for the surprise that awaited me. That evening ,I stepped into the office where I had been invited to.Again for the second time ,I was surprised.A total of 50 people had been selected;all waiting anxiously.The staff would call each one individually.

Waiting for my turn, I noticed it was similar to a typical survey conducted by most marketers.Education and family income details were to be furnished followed by a couple of questions which the marketer himself would ask.Some of the staff could be seen rushing to adjacent rooms.Some could be seen running around with meticulously wrapped gifts attending the intolerant ones!

My turn came after few minutes of waiting followed by another face -to-face conversation with a dynamic,high-spirited marketer.As the conversation advanced,all I could think was about the offer, “Free entrance to a Recreation Club” which was yet to be constructed!My longings of a fun-filled weekend were being dramatically woven.From the cozy club interiors to the neatly trimmed lawns,images piled up my mind.Questions were being shot to and fro;with the marketer skilfully tackling each one.The win-win situation was now very near.Bowled over by his promises,I signed the documents.

I was asked to wait for a week’s time within which I would receive my club membership card.A week passed and a couple more but things were just the same.All that remained was a silent regret.

This incident thought me how to control my mind from false acclamations . Sometimes, we fall for false promises so quickly because the intensity with which they project their product or service is too high. The thinking time given is less and the buyer or customer has to choose it or else face the risk of losing it.The adage, ‘Think before you leap’ is highly relevant here. So, check on your insecure feelings, if any exist, before heading for any hefty purchase.

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