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My mother says she sees a younger version of herself in me. I see a mini-me reflection on my daughter. And this is normal, genetics and blood connection. But seldom you see someone else who is totally not your relation or a close friend but see a younger version, a better version of you. Wish I took this decision when i was 20 years old. Wish I faced these failures with courage and built resilience. Wish I was as serious as her in making a change in the society. And to look up to someone, they dont have to have grer hair, wrinkled face and generations above. Role models can be as young as Aditi Gupta and as powerful as her.
A mother, a wife, an entrepreneur, an artist, a friend, a leader, a female icon bringing change to society, little girl who loves dancing, a daughter, a daughter in law, more than all a human who believes in working for what you ” wish for”.

This article would be half article if I dont mention about her better half, Tuhin Paul who shares the vision with her along with life. He is a change maker, showing men what is gender equality and taking first steps. ( Me being a mother of 11 year old, certainly will tell my son how a man stands up for bigger values in society, breaking the barriers and labels.!)

Watch this video for a glimpse of the interview & the detailed responses below :

Being Tigressandbutterfly : Aditi Gupta

Wikipedia details here :

Its a privilege to have Aditi Gupta’s interview as the launch of “Being a Tigressandbutterfly”. What you are about to read here is something that will give you hope, path, make you smile, think and also to discover the Tigressandbutterfly within you !

Being simple yet focussed, being charming yet powerful, being fun and true ! That’s a beautiful trait of women who are Tigressandbutterfly & Aditi Gupta is an amazing Role model to look upto !

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