Can we please celebrate women's day in a better way!

I am sure, just like me all of you would have started receiving and forwarding women’s day messages. And cheers to the shopping industry, they make the best profit in this season. I am sorry if I sound rude, but I get annoyed seeing the messages that say, cheers to women, we have so many roles, etc. Hello there sister ! I am a woman, a feminist myself. But, wait. This is injustice. What about your father ? Did he not play the role of your first hero and take care of the family like a King and manage his work and promotions and love your mother ? What about your husband? The one who juggles between being a nicer son in law and all other expectations of yours ? We brag a lot as if only women have so many roles on this Earth and we do it.

I agree to the fact that, yes! There is still gender bias. Because of being a woman, we face few struggles, few listed below –

  • My daughter was very chubby upto one year and then her chubbiness reduced. I joined work around the same time. So, everyone I meet in day to day life, asks me or tells me “Oh, she lost weight after you joined work right? ” Grrr. “Even her father is working mam, do you add that to her bone weight ? ” So, yes. We are being judged a lot.
  • When a guy who loves to dance is dancing in a public stage, he doesn’t have to feel physically uncomfortable, there wont be anyone in the crowd, zooming their camera to focus on his parts nor people to comment on his bends. Ouch ! We know that pain of being a woman , we are mostly seen by many as a living showpiece.
  • The journey of motherhood : It is indeed a blessing for us. Emotionally tied to that little package of life we delivered – that is why mothers are great. And the physical struggles, hormonal struggles, expecting support from family – this is something unique faced by this gender.

Yes ! There are still many places where women are treated cruelly. While most of this generation husbands are well educated and broad minded in supporting their wife on household chores, still we have families, where there is male chauvinism. And we have enough challenges at workplace too. But, aint we in a progressive graph dears? We are living in a decent generation and moulding better generations through our children too. By doing a little too much hungama, the little boys of next generation might wonder, why is there a lot of female chauvinism in this society. I wont be surprised if after 500 years men fight for their rights and equality or they celebrate every success.
So, let us humbly accept the nicer facts of being a woman, graciously face the little challenges of this gender, and keep doing what we are best at.
Now, have you noticed who creates more trouble to women? Who gossips a lot about a lady? Who troubles the daughter in law in family ? Who complains the husband about his parents? Who comments if a girl child is wearing a shorts and spaghetti top? Who passes a judgmental opinion when you are working or not working ? Ouch ! Women are the heroes, women are the villains too.
So, this women’s day , can we stop the unwanted dramas and focus on eliminating the negative side of the gender. Let us stop this gender bias, this is more like a skin-colour bias , which is racism. Let us not be submissive to other’s comment and as a woman, let us take an oath not to poke our nose into other’s life. Let us explore out strengths and enhance our wings to fly high. Let us learn to mind our own business and bring the best out of us. Let us learn to appreciate that nature God has designed this gender with it unique quality, so did the same God designed unique specialties for men too.

Let us respect everyone for who they are! Be the face of the smiles, love, flower, joy, happiness, positivity ! Be the aura!

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