Choosing the right blouse : Saree-gama

I have covered close to 30 different looks ever since saree-gama series got launched. And there is one common question, is it the blouse that makes all the difference ? and I keep replying ,”nope,it’s more than the blouse, it’s the hair, the accessories,the eyes, the overall attention to details on carrying yourself. It is also about blending with the occasion yet having your unique style in the saree. But, yes ! The blouse plays an importance while you carry your saree with elegance, traditional, stylish, hot, professional and what not ! Here are some quick inputs on choosing the right blouse :

  1. Knowing your body type and how each blouse will compliment or collapse your body’s natural prettiness is extremely important. Because a blouse type is the trend, don’t jump into it. Understand what suits and what doesn’t suit you. It is also about comfort. I can carry a sleeveless or a full sleeve blouse very easily. However an elbow length blouse will make it uncomfortable for me leaving marks on the elbow. I have a lot of friends who can enjoy elbow length blouse at ease.
  2. Don’t complicate blouse patterns : I am someone who invests a lot on my blouses but I never have a lot of heavy work or tricky tailored blouses. A blouse is something that elevates the look of you and the saree but when it’s a lot of heavy work, it’s just the blouse as centre of attraction , but I believe it should be the overall package. So, choose limited work on your blouse. In below image, check which are complicated designs and which are simple yet trendy :
  1. Simple elegant basics matched with perfect color and material of the fabric will give you required style. Focus on the latest fabrics and patterns that are trendy, like kalamkari blouses. Here is a link to pick from :
  2. Sleeve style : puffed sleeve ? Sleeveless ? Funky ones ? – each pattern ( along with the saree) either shows your body shape thinner or a bit bigger. It is also based on the arm shape of yours and sleeve designs fit accordingly. f you have not observed yet, it’s quite interesting to understand.

So this festive season, make sure you become the trend by choosing your perfect partner of style in the blouses 🙂 Enjoy the styles !

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