Coffee with Narmi ?

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. And this week’s topic is “Dream Profession”, About exchange your profession with someone?
No, its not about #coffeewithkaran, all Tamilians would easily relate to the topic. I am blogging about #coffeewithdd. And my friends reading this blog would remember atleast once telling me / thinking that I should have been a “DD” in a TV channel.
I am a HR by profession, apart from my awesome job, I also have been an event manager, a dancer, blogger, RJ, published books, painter, now a designer too. I try out every area where I find my interest moving. A simple self satisfied life , with my family , enjoying children’s homework, cooking for hubby, managing my passion and work, facing all challenges. I have also written a blog about this @ The Big Stage.
Frankly there is no one I “WISH TO BE”! I love my identity I love what I do, doesn’t matter if its simple or big stuff, doesn’t matter who the audience are. But this one lady – DivyaDarshini – Vijay TV’s anchor – she disturbs me . She makes me feel jealous about her, she gives me that “wish to be” feel sometimes when I see her anchoring shows. Every single close friend of mine have told me “You are one DD”, “You should have been in Vijay TV, you and DD would have been a nice combination”, “When I saw DD anchoring that show, I felt it was like you”, etc. After I finish my session , one of the participant told me during lunch that the way I talk and reply and joke resembles DD to him. I get tempted. When I see her shows, oh God ! her elegance, her sense of humour, her kiddish acts when needed, her matured finishing – Isn’t it same as how my brain thinks ? Isn’t it same as how I conduct shows at parties here ?  Ah ! We both are such mad fans of thalaivar Super star Rajnikanth too !
DD.jpgWe have heard God creating people with same faces, guess in our case, God created both of us with similar professional interest and gave us different faces.Especially the day when I saw DD’s speech after an award , she said “All I know is to talk and bring the positive energy from the person sitting before me, and I did it true to my heart “. Areh baba.. That is so me and that is what I do and what I love to do !
In what ever I do, I challenge only me, my target will be to do better than my previous stage performance, to dance better than my previous dance, to write better than my best blog. But somewhere, somehow, I have DD as my benchmark.I dont know where. I won’t call her as my “role model”! I admire her choice of career, the way she handles programs and celebrities, he dressing sense and tradition. And I see her as my “benchmark “. When I anchor the new year programs, when I do interview shows with my personal friends (yes I have done few for few of my friends’ wedding anniversary )
One day – I wish we exchange professions, you will be an awesome Narmadha in my office DD, and I will be an awesome DD in Vijay TV. Two great ladies, two independent working women with similar interest, capacity and passion – we will shine even when we exchange !
Coffee with Narmi.jpgA dream to become an anchor is generally for getting name and fame, for meeting celebrities, to showcase event management skills. For me, becoming an anchor is to be DD, I am confident that I am one already. Maybe one day there will be a show named “Coffee with Narmi” , I will have you as my first guest there DD. Advance booking done 🙂
Dream profession exchange need not necessarily be with the president of the country or CEO of a company. It  can be with some simple person with admirable talents in your own small world. DD is such a person close to my heart !
I can see that smile on the reader’s face now 🙂 Yes, wish me good luck !

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