Cute Photo Story #12 Ushhh !!!!

Seeing the statue, the little girl ran nearby and stood asking her dad to click a pic. “Give some pose dear”, said daddy, all ready with his camera. “Hmm.. well, what is he doing ?”, little madam queried more details. “His job is to lift the globe, and he is busy with his work, thats why his eyes are so serious”. Daddy answered with an expectation that his girl is going to give a pose with serious looks. Rather, she did “usshhhhh”. Click !
Dad asked her, “why was that ‘usshhhh’ beta ?”. “Because, thats what you tell me everyday when you are busy at work na… even after coming home , when you sit with your laptop.. ‘usshhhh’ ‘ussshhh’  !!!”, answering a million dollar truth innocently, the little princess ran to see the best statue. Father got some valuable answer, without a question.

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