Cute Photo Story #14 The Royal mother's kiss

She lifted him in her arms the first time and he smiled , the cutest baby smile she has ever received.She kissed on his forehead expressing her mother’s love. The first time he tried to stand by himself , she just turned back from her chair, noticed this zig zag dancing standing position of her little son and she came running, hugged him and placed the kiss on his forehead. After few years, when he jumped and entered the home, shouting about his good marks in class test, she holed his cheeks and pulled him front gently and placed the same special kiss. Today he is entering a new phase of life, from Prince to King – not in the public designation but with respect to family responsibilities too. He is becoming the head of a family, a man to his woman. She saw him sitting on his wedding couch with his life partner. She felt the same how she felt when he took his each milestone, like how he tried that zig zag standing position as a one year boy. Today also he is entering into another milestone. She knows for sure that he is going to do the zig zag dance at some point of time but she also knows that her son will succeed. He will be a great man to his wife and his family will prosper. With all these positive energy and love, she walked near him and placed the same Royal mother’s kiss on his forehead. What makes it royal ? Not their background but mother’s love itself is so royal isn’t it ? 🙂

Wodeyar royal family scion ties nuptial knot
Mysuru: Pramoda Devi Wodeyar greets her son (adopted) Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wodeyar during his wedding with Trishika Kumari Singh from Rajasthan’s Dungarpur dynasty in Mysuru on Monday. PTI Photo (PTI6_27_2016_000105B)


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