Cute photo story #15 The pain

The sun was setting with such elegance and power. The clouds were waving their goodbye to the Sun. A beautiful wave just enhanced the scenery by running fast and white to the beachside. While everyone there were mesmerised by the perfect timing and nature’s beauty, only one heart was beating with pain, two eyes were not seeing it as a beauty but seeing it with hope. It should not rain or storm, making it difficult to fish.
The kids around were enjoying their vacation away from school, while this fisherman was trying hard to get his son into a good school. People came there to get tanned and live with nature. The fisherman lived this life and knew the real challenges, he knew the real pain and did not want his next generation to feel the pain.
He could not stand there, pulling the fishing net, trying to catch every single fish possible. Yet, he gathered all his stamina and willpower for the future of his son. Though he had been there for 30 years, he was not able to see what every tourist sees – the beauty, rather it was mostly the pain and fear of earning that he had experienced with this cloudy waves. He wanted atleast his son’s eyes to see the sea just like everyone else sees. With that determination, he pulled the net more , with more strength and hope.

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