Cute Photo Story #20 Her happy playtime

Preet adores her little girl Sanju. The little one is the happy princess of her brilliant queen mommy. And every evening, what is MUST-TO-DO in Preet’s agenda is, to take her girl to her favourite play area. That evening too – she admired her cutie pie playing happily in the play area. “Look at her happiness, she is so 100% happy enjoying every swing, every see-saw, sandpit here”, said Preet in that lovely mommy tone , to her friend. That is when they saw this glow on Sanju’s face. Her happiness increased. She was more than 100% excited. Jumped out of joy. Preet and her friend wondered and got up to see what can be more exciting than the play area.
image1There came little Sanju’s daddy ,returning from office, bringing her favourite chocolate, with his arms open to hug his little princess. Sanju jumped and ran to hug her daddy. Preet’s friend now asked Sanju,”why do u like this play area baby?”.
“Because, while I play here, every evening dadddyyyy comes to pick me”, she completed her answer with the tight kiss on her dad’s cheeks.
Preet smiled, deep inside she loved to see the bond between the two people she loves most in this world – her man and her little girl 🙂 A mommy’s happy moment for sure 🙂

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