Cute photo story #30  The complaint

Mommy comes to pick Sharan from daycare by 5 pm mostly, today she was ten minutes late. She looked tensed too. She did not have her regular “how was your day” conversation while driving back.
After reaching home, she looked exhausted. Sharan was 6 years, so he could understand that mom did not have a nice day. “This place is hardly liveable, full of pollution. Look at everyone using their vehicle, polluting the atmosphere. Auto drivers are heartless in overtaking. BMTC thinks the entire road is for the bus. It was such a tension, you know mumma drove so fast to pick you dear”, cribbed her mom as she was refreshing but non stop complaints about society and how Irresponsible humans are. 
Innocent Sharan asked, “but you also drive in a two wheeler so you also cause pollution. And you said you were driving fast because you got late to pick me” – those simple words from little face froze her for a minute. She stopped complaining, understanding what we do best is to blame others while we don’t realize we are part of the problem! 

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