Cute photo story #31 The Rude King

He was a very strict father. Not just in parenting, in general, people have hardly seen him smile. Oh, for that matter of fact, he has hardly smiled. Only his closed ones have seen the sensitive and cheerful side of him To others, he is a Hitler. He enforces his rules to everyone. He doesn’t listen to everyone’s situation or story or part of what they have to convey. Oh, this is actually the reason behind his success. He is able to rule such a big kingdom only because of rigidness. The angry rude king who ensures his people are happy, who ensures his country is wealthy and nature prospers. Only his childhood memories know that how soft spoken, scary little child he was. How gentle and humble he was, he opened up very slowly. But why is he such a pokey thorn like ruler now ? Maybe situations, maybe people around or maybe that’s how he was created and that’s for the best. Have you ever noticed the baby stages of jackfruit? How soft the seed comes from the flower, how tiny it is and smooth skinned. And then develops slowly into a hard jackfruit. The harder it is, the tastier the fruits are inside.

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