Cute Photo Story #7 The correct answer

Swara was enjoying at her native place. While playing in the garden, she overheard someone telling “All I want in my life is happiness”. Immediately the little curious girl got a question in her mind. She ran to her mother and asked, “ma, what is happiness?”. Mom replied, “Everyone has different things that makes them happy dear, muma will be happy when Swara eats well and plays well and does good habits and studies well and obeys elders and doesn’t cry and behave as a good girl”. It was over syllabus for the little one, she ran out. She asked an¬†aunty, “aunty, what is happiness to you?”. She said, “hmm, when your uncle takes me to a holiday trip , when I travel in aeroplane, that is my dream and happiness”.
Swara went on asking same question to everyone around. “When doctor allows me to eat sweet, that is happiness”, “when my daughter in law gives birth to a male child, that is my happiness”, “buying my own farm house here is my happiness”, “Becoming thin is my happiness” – Swara heard so many¬†answers yet she did not like any of them. “What ? All people want in life is these kind of happiness? So boring”, she thought and walked. Her dad was walking towards her waving “hello baby”. She ran like a butterfly and climbed on him and asked the same question.
Swingggg, shooom, bhooom… Her dad just turned her , swung her and jumped with her. She laughed and laughed loud and giggled happily along with her dad. Dad asked her, “are you happy dear? “, She twinkled “yes yes, jolly”. “Being with you and your mom is my happiness betu”, replied dad. She just loved this answer and gave a tight kiss on her father’s cheeks.

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