Cute Story #22 Birthday Sweet

She has got her dream come true. This is exactly the life she wanted. Working in one of the leading organizations in Chicago. Married to an Indian based out of Chicago. Extremely elegant house, amazing lifestyle, shopping branded stuffs, weekends holidaying across the globe.
It was her birthday, her husband had planned for a surprise birthday party with their known friends in the city. Her family and friends from India joined the party over whatsapp video call. The party was really awesome, she had received so many gifts, from cosmetics, dresses to handbags and even diamonds. Since morning something was stuck inside her heart, some emotion.. something she missed. After the party is over, as she unpacked the gifts one by one, and side by side, munching the last piece of her pizza, she suddenly got up. She went to the kitchen, opened the top slab. There she had jars of her mother’s home made pickles.
Usually for her birthday, her mom makes sweets (milk, semiya payasam with coconut shred and cashew nuts topped). That will be the first food she will have every birthday. Mom and dad will take turns to feed her, and she will enjoy like a little princess, the semiya payasam , dripping on the floor as she runs around the house, making mom and dad run behind. She missed that moment a lot….. A lot more than a lot. All she had with her in Chicago was mom’s home made pickles. Controlling her tears which touched her eyes, holding the emotions in heart strong, she took a spoon of the pickle and thought of the payasam moments, and tasted it. A drop of oil spilled on the floor, making her lips smile thinking of how she used to spilled payasam too.

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