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I am not perfect! In the journey of trying to be perfect, I have missed living many days in my little life. So, I tried to pause the attempts, breathe and opened my eyes to look who I am and to feel proud of.
I have a wheatish skin tone, fuzzy hair, had been on all graphs of weight. Few people complain me on being talkative, over emotional, impulsive. I have been bullied in childhood, and I have been harassed too. I am sometimes lazy. I don’t cook daily, I miss laundry if I am tired, I take a nap sometimes even when kids call me for playing.
The above sounds so negative and when I put all these into my ears, it filled my body and mind with negativity. That is when I decided to push the negativity out with positive power. CHANNELIZE!

Every wound becomes a scar and every scar becomes beautiful, adore your scars is what I liked.
I am still the dark skinned girl but who feels elegant and knows how to carry myself according to the situation.
I am still the talkative person. I am a faculty, motivational speaker, standup comedian, and certified trainer.
I am still the lazy mom some days but I have made my kids independent and not to throw a tantrum.
I am still the girl who has faced harassment but who is bold enough to speak about overcoming it and facing life.
I am still Impulsive which makes me go-getter and achieve results.
But, this blog is not just about myself. This blog, dear friends, is just to reassure you that You are awesome. Don’t wait for others to tell that to you. Have you acknowledged it yet?

When the journalist posted on quora about me and Kathapriya also mentioned the same words, I ofcourse felt motivated. So, I drew this little doodle, depicting, what are the activities I do and what you can seek by following my social media platforms.

Take a minute to zoom the doodle and see the meaning within. The colours spread, the depictions on each journal(8 hands) and also I did not try to give a perfect and pretty drawing. Did you notice that Durga ma face is a little girl face, that is ofcourse my “Keep the child in you alive and active always” ♥
So, take a pen and paper, draw your favorite character, a super hero, character or a fairy goddess.. Associate yourself with the character then liste2 down your strengths one side , your flaws other side, start CHANNELIZING and Discover Durga within!

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