Do Responsibilities cut our wings?

A very common lifestyle – a cycle that everyone goes through is having an innocent school life, galatta college life, be a freak, be crazy, play around, enjoy and also by the time career starts, we would have explored our wings – interests, talents, what one can offer the society or atleast a self-energizing hobby. And slowly, life takes us to various responsibilities – career wise growth, aspirations, office politics, hunger to learn etc. Same time, personal life also takes us through a ride of responsibilities – marriage, taking care of siblings / parents, financial plans and needs, understanding a new life through spouse and children. 

While the transition is quite an exciting journey both ways, we grow everyday as a better person, matured person. We ofcourse make mistakes (sometimes a lot) and yet evolve from them, try to recover. We also learn to handle the stakeholders (office) and take care of loved ones (family). We try to protect them from the mistakes and hurdles we faced through. Ofcourse all this teaches us a little discipline in work, health. Some do enjoy this growing and getting into higher roles. Because, it feels good when people look up to you. 

Now, take a pause and go back to the start of this blog – did we miss something ? Did we lose someone ? Yes ! The little crazy person within us. The interests, hobbies, “ME” time – we let it go. While we grow on responsibilities, we compromise on our ownself. And one reason all of us give to the world is “I don’t have time” or “Those are silly, I have a serious work and big family”. But deep inside, we know the truth – we just gave up. Responsibilities do not cut the wings, never. But, we sit in a throne and stop flying. 

During an office event, a trainee asked a VP curiously, “Sir, how do I know my path is right, how do I confirm that I am in right career?” He answered beautifully, “Simple test, call it ‘Early morning test’ – While you wake up in the morning, if you feel like kicking the blanket out, getting ready and looking forward to go to work and learn, and face the challenges – then you are on the right track. If you feel like sleeping a little more until you are forced to go to work, then that is not your place”. Ofcourse, there was a lot of nodding heads and a huge applause for the answer. 

It also helped me assure that not just responsibilities don’t stop the wings but one can also fly responsibly. Passion can always drive success happily. 

We keep fighting, we keep arguing, we carry with others, but are we actually supposed to compete with others or self fly high?

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