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I’m Benita, coming up with my first post in this vibrant platform.

Being a person of keen observation and an admirer of beauty in its various forms, my works mostly revolve around these topics.

I’m thankful to all the hands behind tigress and butterfly for giving me the space here.Looking forward to reach new heights with this dynamic platform!

So, off we Go!!

What  makes life worthwhile or meaningful ?

What is the purpose of life and where is the beauty of life hidden?

Around the globe, we find millenials, flocking around sages, psychotherapists, lifestyle coaches, spiritual gurus etc seeking ways and means to lead a better life. Each have chalked out their own set of ideas or methods in this regard.

From my observations so far , I have noted some points that help us dwell on the beauty of life. Some of which are as follows –

1. Focus on the present

We can’t be happy in the present if our thoughts are still lingering in the past. Each day we need to wake up ascertaining ourselves that it’s is a brand new day. Don’t let the past worries, sorrows or bitter experiences steal away today’s happiness .At the same time, shed away all anxiety regarding the future. We don’t know what’s in store for us the next moment. So welcome the new day with open arms.

2. Seek happiness within yourselves

Often we tend to attach happiness to a certain person, place or thing.This creates room for disappointments and sorrow.We keep ignoring our inner selves and try to seek happiness externally. In order to attain happiness, we need to stop that frantic search. Shift the focus to the inner self .Once we nurture our minds with positive thoughts, we can attract great things.

3. Tap the power of your subconscious mind –

Today, various studies have brought to light, the power of the subconscious mind and how to make the most of it. What happens in our lives is largely dependent on what we feed into our minds. Miracles will happen when we utilise mind power efficiently.

4. Develop gratitude

Have you ever wondered why expressing gratitude is a part of prayers? The answer is quite simple. When we express our gratitude for something that has happened , it means we accept the same with open hands.Now there’s no room for worries or regrets. Accept that all what has happened is for our goo

5. Find happiness in small things

While we work towards our goals,it’s quite natural to neglect some of the simple pleasures around us. Learn to look around and enjoy the beauty of the different seasons, places, events etc. Spend quality time with friends and family . Pursuing recreational activities and hobbies also keeps the happy hormones running.

On the way to seek happiness /

fulfilment, certain hindrances may

come in. Few of these are as follows –

1. Poor self-esteem

Those with a healthy self-esteem are generally positive thinkers. They knows their individual strengths and limits and are at peace with it. Harbouring poor self – esteem in the long run leads to various issues like depression, anxiety etc. Our perspectives and attitudes all turn to be positive if we have a healthy dose of self-esteem. All these directly or indirectly facilitate in seeking fulfilment in life.

2.Blind beliefs

These are usually certain pre-conceived notions ingrained in our minds either knowingly or unknowingly. Sometimes, as a part of following austerity, some renounce or refrain from certain forms of pleasure. A certain level of abstinence is definitely good. But overtime, some may fall under its clutches. Such kind of distorted beliefs hinders one’s path to fulfilment.

3.Cluttered spaces

We need to de-clutter our minds and environment : pluck out the weeds that stumble our growth. Watch out for things that drains out all our energy – be it people or unnecessary work. Learn to say ‘NO’ whenever necessary. Show the courage to discard the unwanted.

Life turns out to be more meaningful when we realise that each moment is unique. Make use of the opportunity at hand wisely. Remember, we are here to experience incredible beauty, unconditional love, pleasure for all our senses and kindness . We are here to learn, to grow and to love. So be open to new learning and enjoy the beauty of life!


Benita Jim

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