Feel free to smoke…

I am not someone here to write a blog advising an adult how smoking affects individual blah blah.. It is upto a grown up to decide and have freedom of their personal habits. So, feel free to smoke.. BUT… Do not smoke in public places or trouble other’s health. Last evening, when I was waiting in signal, I could see the next car guy, happily smoking with his car window wide open. Just besides the car, there was a family in a bike, the mother tried to cover her both kid’s nose , trying them not to inhale the smoke. This guy was least bothered, happily enjoying his smoke which splashed over atleast 15 faces behind. Not sure if he failed to notice the uncomfortable pregnant women, little kids with sick faces around or was not bothered. 
Everyday @office during my tea time around 3.30 pm , the biggest struggle for me is to hold my breathe in the lift. I would feel like standing in a poisonous room, and the smell of smoked breathe will be really disgusting. Unfortunately, I have a chain smoker who sits beside me on the cubicle, and it disturbs a lot during work also. 
One day am just gonna throw up on them.. Trust me.. Tolerating that smell and feel is that horrible..
This is not the case only with me, I have heard similar opinions from many of my friends during gossip times , to your surprise, there are guys who are also uncomfortable on this few of them having wheezing / lung infection and they also get annoyed . 
So, dear smokers, all of us have our own habits that might be good or bad.. 
So, don’t worry, feel free to smoke.. but pls MAKE SURE you DO NOT bring that frown on other’s face and affect other’s health .. And yes, you stink, really bad and its so very yucky to be around..

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