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We love receiving free gifts right ? The only free stuff we love giving is “advice”. What a big deal ? If u want, take the advice, else leave.. Is the kind of attitude we have while we give our free advice. But it has lots of impacts .. Certain wrong free advices has confused people, few have free opinions have cause serious problems to the receivers.

1. To a guy when he is 23 : Beta, remember : as a boy you should get succeed in your career, then earn for your parents and then get married

To same guy when he is 30 : beta, look you started getting bald head, you should have got married a year back at least.. Career can be successful at any point of time, marriage has to happen at right age

Poor bald headed bachelor !

2. To a girl when she is 8 years old : baby, eat very nicely, just eat whatever u want, become like that Aunty

To same girl when she is 15 : baby, don’t eat fat items, see because u had so much cheese at small age, u attained puberty when u r 11 itself .. Reduce food .. Don’t become like that Aunty

3. To a mother of 3 yrs baby : ahaa.. Your child is so cute, don’t give this much pretty dress and don’t take him out and don’t post pics

The mother takes it cautiously and almost reduced it totally !

To same mother after few months : this is the age u can do whatever u want for ur kid, once they grow up, it’s always your choice, don’t be so dumb

Grrrrrrrrrrr !!!!

4. Especially the unwanted free career advice to a 9th std or 10th std kid – I see this is the worst of all..

Beta don’t take engineering at all, the field is declining .

Stop ! What if this fellow is extremely talented and might shine as an engineer in future ?

Advice is not wrong ! If they feel you are the perfect person and someone approaches you with a problem statement ASKING for advice, pls give. Else free advice is really a pain on the ass. The receiver doesn’t know how to avoid it, can’t show it off to others and can’t handle it smooth also.

I also used to share free advice earlier until I became receiver of free advice from various aspects. So if u have the habit , pls try to stop ! If you are the receiver of free advice and have experienced annoying moments, share it in the comment box…
Cheers ! Have a lovely life ! Stay positive !

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