From mobile addiction to technology amazement 

Series of related incidents in last few weeks triggered me to pen down this blog.. Facts and possibilities! 
A month back I tried whatsapp de addiction by Un-installing whatsapp, eventually I was more active on Facebook those days. So I decided not to use my phone for couple of days and I kinda succeeded I would say. 
Then I had a friend who cribbed about how these social networking apps keep him unnecessarily busy. 
Then I had this below image as forward circulated by many friends. That is when I found that humans have a habit of placing the blame on others, let it be person or other technology. Here, the growth of mobile phones and dependency created was a very apt and suitable reason for us to blame our poor self control. 
And then my best friend texted me that she feels she is born in the wrong generation as she prefers radio and meeting to chat. On the other side she said she is amazed to see how I use these technologies effectively for my creativity, fun and friendship. I was glad. 
Oh next day, a colleague posted the info that all our social media activity is recorded in cloud and is used to determine our lifestyle and predict our emotional balance. I proudly replied that, as long as we are matured enough what to post and what not to post in social media forum, then we are safe. Human has the sixth sense which should be used as our source of intelligence and no artificial intelligence can overtake us. 

Uff.. I sound like a stable person who has accepted the technology and possess perfect balance on handling. That is when my husband ordered Alexa – the voice recognition speaker, which can talk to us, listen to us, obeys our instructions, connects to wifi and says when is next football match, what is the weather, a joke etc. It was fun.
One day my son had a doubt in science and he asked Alexa, what are the parts of a plant? And Alexa replied correctly!!!! I came jumping with shock from kitchen, screaming “what are you doing? When you have  doubt, why can’t you ask us?” my little one with  a confused yet happy face replied, “amma, but Alexa can tell answer correctly know..” and my husband supported the incident.
Then the social media person, the stable balanced me, started thinking of the avatar this technology growth has taken. Like Khaleesi’s dragon which went to knight King (in GoT) the sixth sense intelligence of human has developed a higher one on artificial intelligence.
Now from mobile addiction, the world is going to face the next level addiction. To make the situation better, there is only One way – “to make the line smaller, draw a bigger line”.  Similarly, to make the mobile addiction and technology dependency less, connect more with nature, spend quality time on things that these whatsapp forwards cannot show. Yet learn to maintain a balance with the mobile usage, as it makes sense to be friends with this monstrous technology than to develop an aversion.

Teach the next generation that Alexa cannot replace mother’s hug, whatsapp cannot give you the good morning kiss, Facebook doesn’t congratulate like your best friend’s pat on your back. Yet, they have their advantages, a lot of things can be done if you learn to appreciate both sides of the river, yet manage a maturity.
There is no harm posting a status of your train journey if you truly enjoy every bit of the joy in the journey 😊 
Grow WITH the technology! 
Grow FASTER THAN the technology! 

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  1. Good one Narmadha.
    The best gadget in the universe is our body and mind! We should know how to use it !

  2. Can I simply say what a relief to discover someone that truly knows what they are talking about over the internet. You definitely realize how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More people ought to check this out and understand this side of the story. I was surprised you aren’t more popular because you certainly possess the gift.

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