GET READY MY LOVE – An inspiration couple to all

Today is the world’s best couple’s wedding anniversary. While they held their hands together and took the promise to be life partners throughout, they meant it.
There is no love story without a fight, there is no married life without hiccups and challenges. Yes, this couple also had their ups and downs. All they did is, they dealt it together. They consider life as a journey to travel together, exploring paths, being a companion.

My parents – Sabapathi and Malarvizhi – an inspirational couple to everyone. Their life , struggles, tough days – all were there.. More importantly, their love to each and other was also there.. And most above, they definitely knew how to express the love!

While after few years of marriage, we say “life is monotonous”, “oh, those butterflies flew away”, “what romance ? now all we need is some sleep and no fight”, “we hardly express to each other, what ? are we 18 years to keep loving with a rose? “ – These are common dialogues many of us , married couples say. Have we thought about the fact that our career, children, even health might not be so cooperative in 50’s. During that age, our life partner is going to be our companion, caring for us, fighting with us, admiring us, basically spending life with us. And it is so very important for us to treasure and nurture this relationship with love and express, express , express your love each day, as much as possible. Feel and appreciate love.
Just like how SabaMalar does… We(me and my life partner) basically admire this couple a lot for their energy and togetherness.  And their love definitely passes good vibes to people around always…Wishing them a wonderful anniversary and many more happy anniversaries to come…
And am very glad to announce that they are going to be key subjects in my next book GET READY MY LOVE – “Start dating your spouse again” ! Wish me good luck too 🙂

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