"Home Makers" The Queens !

Thanks for all good feedbacks on my blog about working moms. Having written that, there is a kingdom ruled by Queens, they are Home Makers. So this blog is not just to talk about good qualities of home makers, not just to say they cook well, their house is clean etc. Those are world – wide known facts.
Here are few tips for the home makers to make sure, they are not “just” home makers but they are “INDEPENDENT” home makers & top reasons to pat you
1. Have a hobby! It is a general mind-set that home makers are free in day time, which is not true. So, keep a fixed time for yourself. Learn driving, go for a class, conduct tuition, and make art works, read magazines. If you do not fix a time, you keep postponing this part of yours always for some household work.
2. Try different recipes – You have all chances to make trial and error and discovering new dishes. It is a fact that homemakers spend lovely attention to their spouse, focusing on his favourite cuisine. Share blogs on recipes. I am always a big fan of archanaskitchen.com, swasthi’s recipes, anjalipathak’s blogs on recipes.
3. Be proud of an addiction: It can be a TV serial / library / radio show, have an addiction to a show / books and feel proud about the addiction. When others make a statement “she watches just serials”, respond them with proud eye brows up “better than your nonsense life, mine is simple and focused”


4.Have your friend’s gang: It is wonderful to spend time with friends. Those who go for work, however busy they are, they get to meet new people and have friendship. Home makers should ensure you maintain your own circle of friends, sharing, caring, fighting, and helping. Trust me, neighbourhood friends are more lovely than workplace friends as you see the personal part of them.


5.Own a vehicle : Most home makers wait for their husband to be back from office, so that they can go out to buy stuffs/ gifts or to take kids out. But, when you take them out in your vehicle, it is a special feel. Experience it !


6.Maturity: It is common for the rude husband and busy kids to vent out their office / school frustrations on the mom and mention “you just simply sit at home, you don’t know”. Show your maturity on those situations giving them a short and simple advice to relax themselves, rather than crying or getting upset. When they see the house clean and never experience a hungry stomach , they very well realize that you do not simply sit at home


7.Savings: My close friends, who are home makers, who follows all above mentioned tips sometimes feel dependent and stressed due to the financial dependency they possess. I strongly recommend you to pursue monthly savings schemes, RD / FD in bank / jewellery schemes. I have a friend who supplies breakfast on Saturdays for neighbours and she charges Rs 65 per person. A simple income but a feel of independence and pride! Every home maker must develop a passion and convert it to make herself feel independent and proud


I always feel so thankful to my mother in law, who is a home maker, who spent all her motherhood giving such a nice human being to the world, feel so proud of my friends who are my moral support when I am emotionally down at times, my grandmother who was a home maker, but she is the pillar behind me being very bold and independent. So, have a pride, wear your crown, put up that graceful smile all dear home makers..


You are QUEENS!

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  1. Good Narms,, Nice post and yes to be followed 🙂 Meena

  2. That’s true Narmada. This mother feeling will be the same forever.

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