How Dwarapalakas save life

In Indian – Hindu temples, while you enter, you will be able to see strange scary idols one each side. They are called Dwarabalakas.
While you are inside a hospital, all you expect is some sensitive looks and caring smiles, giving you sweet words. But, have you noticed that in most perfect hospitals, there are one group of people, who are very important when we enter the hospital, who dont give any unwanted smile, who gives a strict look, who says rule is a rule? They are none but the security guards of the hospital. I had this experience recently with Columbia Asia hospital. First time during my delivery and next time on another family emergency. It is not a cake walk to control your emotions and get the responsible hat on. Few incidents to show how these security guards act as Dwarabalakas.
Dwarabalakas are called “Saviours”, “protectors” from evil power / evil mind entering the temple, yet they are also there to take care of us being secure inside the temple.
#1 While I was entering the hospital with labor pain, it was the security, who came running to open the car door, another security bringing a wheel chair and another one near the lift ready to receive me. Wait! They were not tensed, they were prepared and well trained to handle such situations. They cant go super emotional based on cases. For every patient, this same care is given.
#2 My mother was in ICU and just like any other patient, I was tensed and want to be with mom inside. I couldn’t cross the security and enter inside. Finally, it was dinner time and few of us got permission to feed the respective patients and I entered. Later felt why ICU patients are not allowed to be with visitors. First reason: They are not supposed to get emotional, but once a family member is around, they get emotional. I could see that from my mother’s bp variation. Second reason: There were other patients who did not have such visitors and they tried peeping into our side with longing face. A pinch of guilt popped into my heart.
#3 Secure reasons definitely. Each time security guards checked on the patient name and ward numbers before letting anyone inside.
They have to smile because they have to show the care to the patient relatives. They have to smile less because we are not in a party to greet and smile lavishly.
Do we ever bother to notice this noble job of dwarabalakas when we go to hospitals? All we can do in return is 1. Follow their rules to make it less stressful for them . 2. Give a compliment and 3. Be nice to them.
Stay healthy!

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