Human Evolution with KINDNESS

My great grandfather who was a farmer just walked throughout his life. Buying slippers was a big deal for him. But he used to care and nurture his farm and poultry so well.
My grandparents who were teachers got their own house and a cycle. Being respected by entire village was a big achievement for them. That was also because of their education and the way they helped poor illiterate children.
My parents ( Dad, a manager and mom, headmistress) have 2 cars and a villa. They are considered lucky charm and are main invitees for most of the weddings and even the first school fees / any occasion. They visit orphanages, they donate for annadhan and do their best to help everyone in our town.
We, definitely updated fly across cities and countries easily. We have Alexa and other amenities that this generation techies have in their lifestyle. We have apps to donate to NGOs and we give the old clothes and toys to maids. We do hang out with friends and support if our friends need help. We share a post on missing child in social media.
Sometimes, we all think our bank balance and luxury is lifestyle upgradation. A big credit goes to technology advancement. This is amazing.

One flood, one landslide, natural disaster : ofcourse paytm, Amazon, helicopters and technology advancements helped rescue. But first of all, the development of such “advancements” for our own luxury needed cutting of trees, needed plastic usage, needed tiny natural disruptions which we dint bother to do. The disaster started with our blooming lifestyle.
We know this is a lesson, but how many of us are not going to use plastics here after, how many of us are not going to litter and preserve nature. I wish I learn my great grandfather’s lifestyle. I wish I really had the guts to prioritizing on saving nature than buying fancy slippers.

But, my blog ends with a smile.. Because what gave hope and what made us feel life is possible after such hard moments is “We”, the humans who united hands
The way we receive support across the world, every Facebook group, every social media campaign, every hashtag, from the little girl who gave her hundi money till Indian Navy who rescued people wuth smile.. KINDNESS is the power of human evolution.
Let us be the same kind humans, who just use technology. Let us not fall prey for such luxury and go selfish by disrespecting nature.

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