I dont need 36 28 32 to be beautiful

Offlate I keep seeing every lady , be it a college girl, or a married lady or mother of two kids or aunty :  all are worried about one MAJOR thing ? They have lost their shape and beauty ? Wait ! Losing shape you can witness, what makes you say that you have lost your beauty ? I am so obsessed with the number of social networking groups super active and hyperactive running several programs for ladies to get into the so called “beautiful” figure 36 28 32. The lady who has n number of things running in her mind, who has ample challenges to face each and every day at work and home, the lady who is mother Earth – she is running, sweating, fasting, trying hard and harder to reduce that little calories from her hips and thighs so that she can be beautiful. I GIVE A BIG THUMBS DOWN FOR THIS !
Fitness is different from beauty. If you are exercising and working out daily to stay fit and healthy , then I whistle for you. Apart from taking care of office and home and pets and relations, you are awesome taking care of yourself. But, if that struggle is to look beautiful, Lady : pls look at the mirror, you might be too thin or fatty, you might have long hair or no hair, you might have shining eyebrows or empty ones, you might have developed dark circles below your eyes, you might have got dry skin : All these are symptoms of you growing, you achieving each day of your life, all these of symptoms of pride and success as a woman.
To my knowledge, I have seen men who are fitness freaks, but no guy has felt sad and vigorously worried that he is not handsome or has gained few extra calories. Why do we women bother beyond limitations on this ? Why dont we learn that nice quality from men?We already have enough stuffs on our shoulders to bother. We have many dreams that we are waiting to fulfil. Then what makes you define some protocol for beauty and make you worry for that ?

NarmiOur smile is our beauty, our contagious happiness is our beauty, our positive energy which multiplies at the speed of light is our beauty. When I cook with love for my family, getting all dressed with flours, maids, decorated with onion peels and coriander left overs, I am  beautiful.
When my mother who is in her 50s imitate an animal and does peek a boo, to make my children laugh, she looks beautiful.
The little girl I played with, in my childhood is now a mother of a child. Oh , the moment I saw her delivering her child, she looked beautiful.
When my mother who is a teacher, skips her Saturday leisure time to conduct special classes for her student’s board exam, that sincerity – she looks damn beautiful.
When my mother in law sees me busy at work and offers me a tea, that caring look, she looks beautiful.
When my female boss guided me on work life balance during the time I struggled, she looked beautiful.
When my little cousin got first prize in her school recitation and came running home with her dusty uniform , half open hair plot, mouth full of smiles, she looked beautiful.
When my maid sees that I am sick and she does that extra work without me telling her, and after all household work, when I say thanks, she puts a smile, that moment, she looks so beautiful.

Sometimes I look ugly. Yes when a bit of jealousy peeps into my mind, when I get satisfied of the simple nice life I have got, when my dream becomes greed.. I see the mirror and I look ugly, I work out immediately to become beautiful again and that attitude adds more beauty to me… Ladies, We are beautiful when we are successful mothers, we are beautiful when we take care of our passion, we are beautiful when we are introverts, we are beautiful when we are extroverts. Beauty – it is the way we carry ourselves , it is the pride of enjoying what we are and how we spread love in this world. Stay fit ! But remember, beauty is in your mind and love, the perfect shape doesn’t give a perfect happiness ! Happiness is beautiful ! Stay fit and beautiful, spread love ! Cheers !
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  1. very interesting perspective… and I concur 🙂

  2. I totally agree…😊

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