Its NOT my New Year Resolution

Thank you Blogadda for triggering this in me.This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.
While the whole world writes the list of things we are gonna follow from this New Year, why can’t we list out things that we are NOT gonna do from this New Year ?
As of now, I have only one under this category – “NOT to be an emotional idiot”  Tigress and butterfly – yes, thats me . While most of the people know the tigress in me, the butterfly part also carries a heavy load of unwanted emotions. Very few close friends have seen that confused and emotional, sentimental state of my mind.
But I dont think, being a mother, I can be so cool when it comes to my children and being a spouse, tears won’t run down thru my eyes when my husband is unhappy for any reason.
Having understood that, considering JUNK comments / carrying the negative energy by listening to the gossip stories, feeling demotivated when some third person passes a comment or even when you relatives give you a trademark because you are so&so – I am gonna destroy the emotional idiot in me for these reasons.
I am sure its a common human nature to be affected by stuffs happening at office or extended family or your friends circle. T Still, lets be super human and control the unwanted emotions.
That will automatically kill the unwanted fear and negativities, will keep me less worried and more thoughtful. I should be able to focus more on the happy side of the life given to me. Plan B : What if I get into that state of mind ? To divert, I am going to blog about some funny things in life and my lovely readers are gonna enjoy it 🙂
So, what is “Not” your resolution from this year ? Isn’t the thought process interesting ?

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