Kaala : Ranjith's movie again Rajni : the director's hero again

Rajnikanth is superstar for his fans for his style and mass. But Rajnikanth is super star for the directors because he is a director’s hero. That is how his career started. Though his fame is at a different level now, he was
K. Balachander’s Pandiyan in Aboorva Ragangal, his first movie
Bharathiraja’s Parattai in padhinaru vayadhinile
K.B’s Endhiran Chandran in Thillu mullu and many avatars on K. B’S Direction
Mahendran’s Kaali in Mullum Malarum
S. P. Muthuraman’s Santhanam in 6lirundhu 60varai
Manobala’s kangeyan in Oorkavalan
P. Vasu’s Tamizh in Uzhaipali
K. S. Ravikumar’s Muthu
Shankar’s Shivaji.. Robot
Ranjith’s Kabali and now Kaala

All these movies are super hit Rajnikanth movies, thalaivar has his mass, acting, style, connection to his fans. However, they are core director’s movies. The directors wanted to convey their talent and message to audience and Rajnikanth did his best to articulate the director’s message. He was able to withstand his unique style throughout these different journals of movies. That is exactly why this 67 year old, dark, bald man is worshipped as a super hero in Tamilnadu and his fans globally. It is not a simple glory or fiction. There is a lot of hardwork and sincerity and brand that he created over these years.
Now coming to Kaala, a Ranjith’s movie..
Ranjith has done 4 major movies so far AttaKathi was unique, funny, trendy and natural. Throughout his movies, he focuses on the rural lifestyle and storyline. Then later movies, he has his trend of an attractive love rack, the rap dance group, a strong friend role, a guru, an adament villain, and an accident where some important character is killed in the movie.
Good thing about the same pattern of movies is that he does lot of ground level research to produce the maximum reality, right from language and look etc. However, that is what quality directors do regularly?!
And dear Ranjith and other directors of Rajnikanth movie : You are working with an artist who can deliver the best of your script, but he has built a fan group who has basic expectations from our superstar. The mass entry, the magnificence, the powerful moments. DO NOT TRY TO CUT IT DOWN. We are in the movie hall to feel the magical vibes of superstar. You are not gaining any appreciation by cutting the magic down. We appreciate you for the new variety but don’t cut the basics of Rajni movie. DO NOT CHANGE THE BGM OF SUPERSTAR NAME ENTRY IN THE BEGINNING.

Now let us talk about a movie and it’s review!
what was best in Kaala as a movie :
1. Rajnikanth acting as a 60 year old was very good, his wife character and son’s : perfect casting. Hats off.
2. The emotions with Zarina, the unsaid, the pain, the love to wife and family, the king like attitude towards villain, caring for people, anger : beautiful extraction of various emotions
3. Real guts to take such a subject and deliver a movie. There is a good heart with a sincere motive to support the lifestyle of poor. It has come well in the movie
4. While Kabali’s climax was debatable, this climax was beautiful. Not the usual ones that we could guess. A vibrant enjoyable climax after the shock received in previous scenes.

And the main feedback on what was lacking is.. as a movie, the flashback was not strong. A little cartoon explanation was just a pinch of salt on the flashback.
Now, both in Kabali and Kaala, Natesan and Vengaiyan sequence is explained. But how Kabali became a Don nor Karikaalan became such a strong character Kaala?????? Where is the strong storyline?
Baasha, Muthu, padaiyappa : every movie shows a strong reason, a root on why such a character is taken seriously and worshipped and loved by people. That was the heart of the storyline. THAT IS COMPLETELY MISSING. audience have to use our imagination and assume and understand regular reasons for Karikaalan to become Kaala.
Overall, as always bigggggg whistles to superstar for his movie… For acting as a grandfather, yet maintaining your style, for the sincere director’s actor. Muah.. We love you Superstar 😍

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