Kabali Review by a hardcore thalaivar fan

FDFS – yes, that is an experience, to receive goosebumps.. your brain doesn’t recognise the movie script, doesn’t see if it is good or bad, it just makes you feel the Rajnikanth magic ! So, I had to watch it second time to watch the movie before I pen down a review. Kabali-Movie-HQ-Stills-696x465.jpg

  1. If you ask if the movie is worth the Kabali hype / excitement given before release, well… even Avatar / Titanic doesn’t fit into that expectation. The excitement was for Rajnikanth playing the role with his same age on-screen, the excitement was for Super Star to trust the young team and do a movie with them.
  2. About Rajnikanth’s performance : A combo of Baasha movie’s style and 1980’s Rajnikanth’s acting talent ! The 68 year young man makes us feel “wow” with his looks and style ! <Can you hear my whistles as I write this? >
  3. Story : There are two story plots in the movie – a. The love life and family side of Kabali which is 100% justified and unique, we could see Ranjith’s movie in this sequence, both the suspense and emotions are well handled. Perfect casting on Kabali’s daughter and wife. On the other side, Director Ranjith could have paid more attention to the gangster sequence , we  are unable to associate with that story plot. Flaws noticed by me :
    1. The flashback of Kabali being loved by all, doesn’t have a strong reason.
    2. The DON who celebrates his 100th birthday doesn’t fit into the role in any angle.
    3. Over casting of artists, looks like Ranjith had a mandatory plan to bring all his Madras movie artists into this movie, Velu, Logu, Amir, Amir’s wife, Tamilmaran, Tamilmaran’s wife, Kumaran, Meena, Jeeva, Banu, Veera, Ang Lee, Tony Lee, Tiger, Seeni , Anbu – OMG ! I need to memorise these names and their roles to understand the sequence better. It could have been few characters and crisp story telling.
    4. Finishing of the movie is different, however logically it is the biggest flaw. We dont know why ?
    5. Every gangster movie has the climax with a big fight scene, so does this movie. And just like any usual movie, the hero wins. So, the slow motion or dragging suspense is not helping us to maintain the excitement since we could easily guess the next scene there.
    6. Kabali’s gang is best, is good, does good things – was that 100% evident ? Then why is it called gang and why do they have weapons ? Confusing !
    7. Ulagam oruvanukka song could have been made lot and lot and lot better – this is not just a “enga ooru Madrasu movie intro song”. The intro song for Super star – it should have made us non stop whistle and jump and clap, where in we were little annoyed by focusing on the band musicians and the dance teams performing.
  4. The full marks goes to :
    1. Unlike the regular Indian movies, where the age old gangster comes from jail and goes to take revenge , having same emotions like 30 year old. NO ! Ranjit has done an awesome job here – A TREND BREAKER – The age old gangster shows his depression, his anger, his style and his power – the matured way he handles yet the gangster way !
    2. We are used to seeing the happy life being destroyed and then the hero trying to show his revenge. Here there is a new trend of family re-union. Rajnikanth has shown the difference in his acting , while he is under depression and how he feels energetic after meeting his important people.
    3. Rajnikanth’s looks
    4. We have not seen many movies where our Super star is being abused or treated bad by the villan team, not many had the guts – Ranjith – well done ! you had the guts , the scenes where villain abuses, Meena tells him he is a loose, Tiger makes fun of the costume etc. Was new to us , Super star’s hard core fans.
    5. The best technician in the movie  is Santosh Narayanan . What a background score and amazing song sequence !!!!!????!!!! Especially during the fight just before interval – I got mesmerised !
    6. The lyrics of songs as well as dialogue script in the movie was classic !
    7. radhika-apte-kabali-picsMaya Nadhi song – Every single audience was part of the song, we could relate to the song, we could see Kabali’s life , his love to his wife, the happiness, the sadness missed everything, it was so soothing! Neruppu da music was used on relevant scenes triggering the audience energy whenever required.

The review is so genuine with 5 out of 5 for Kabali – Rajnikanth’s magic and Ranjith’s guts to utilize the opportunity he got gets extra marks to balance the negatives mentioned above. Dear Super star, Do your next movie and we will give you the same support and excitement with same love. We just admire your hard work, your passion to entertain your fans, who takes every step keeping the audience expectation in mind! How much ever we love our job, we all plan to retire on day, you don’t retire since you know that your audience don’t want you to ! Thank you for the hard work, we welcome you with same love and whistles ! Neruppuda…. Way to go daaa…..

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