Kids Photoshoot Props 2 : Sunflower

Every stage of the child has a limitation for photoshoots. Infants has to be carefully handled as their neck is not stable. As they grow , the props and theme should be chosen that suits their activities. Eg : Its not easy to do Sunflower pic with a toddler. There is one thumb rule for a happy photoshoot. NEVER STRESS THE BABY WITH ANY PROPS. ALL SET UP CAN BE MADE TO THE SURROUNDING.
My cousin sister gifted the beautiful yellow frock for my daughter and that gave me the idea of sunflower theme. Here are the steps

  1. Take thin craft papers and cut them into sunflower petal shapes (have some buffer petals cut ready)
  2. Make the shape of sunflower, place a brown quick dry sheet in the middle. Staple the petals so that they stay in line, for safety purpose, place a transparent cellotape to close the stapler
  3. Check for the background colour before placing baby. We tried with red and green and finally came up with green
  4. Make sure there are no misc stuffs to the background. I spread my green colour skirt in circle shape and placed the sun flower set up in the middle.
  5. A theme based hairband will add cuteness, so make a quick one with small petals stapled together and dont forget to stick it to an existing baby hairband. Else the new band will make it uncomfortable for the little one.
  6. Once everything is ready, place the baby in the middle for the photoshoot. Make sure the baby is fed properly and had enough sleep so that she is happily posing 🙂

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