Life is beautiful

I feel happy and fresh. This is Friday evening and I just had a ‘fire seat’ review from boss and my numbers / results were in RED! Are you confused? How can someone have an unsuccessful review and stay happy? Before you judge me, let me clarify – I love my job and I am committed to it, so I take this serious.No doubts. But, you might still wonder, how can I be happy about this. Last week Friday I had a horrible day. My day began with a fight with mom, had multiple hiccups at work and when all I could ask for is to just sleep and end the day, I witnessed the demise of an old soul who was fighting with death for 2 years and the life disappeared in front of my eyes. Sleepless night and ceremonies during covid situation were extremely panicky and stressful. So, this Friday, as the review was happening, I saw a new perspective of life.

Our boss did not tell us ‘it is okay, I understand the red zones, we will give up and move it to next month’. He said, “own it up, even if other stakeholders make it hard, drive your journey. Go for it, sky is the limit so make it happen” – well, this was the derived meaning where I felt – inspite of not reaching our goals, the review was an empowering moment for us. And when I got a bit sad for my numbers in red, I recalled previous Friday and immediately the positive girl inside me pushed, “don’t be sad girl! find the brighter side”.

Couple of days back, I spoke to my friend Jey who is stuck overseas and she was almost crying about missing parents and in-laws around. The energy that we get from elders in a family, how lonely it feels etc. Pacifying her and finishing my work presentations, as I reached ground floor, few pairs of eyes were staring at me as it is already dinner time. So, while every inch of my body wanted to lay down and relax, I knew it won’t be ok. I straight away went to the kitchen, washed hands and switched on the dosa pan. Well, there were complaints about making it crispier and the right flame. I thought about the conversation with Jey, and felt the joy inside a love trouble haha.

If I hadn’t had the call with Jey that day, if my previous Friday wasn’t bad – I might have seen things stressful today. Life is about the situations that happen and the new perceptions that we build to shape it better – for us, for others – Life is beautiful!

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